Thursday, September 20, 2012

One Month.

Dear Holland,

This last month has flown by {very much the opposite of the month before}! Last Saturday {the 15th} you turned one month old. This last month has been filled with sleepless nights, bows and flowers for your cute head, roadtrips to Flagstaff and Pomerene, AZ, poopy diapers,  meeting grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, smiles, tears, a move to Idaho, tons of cute outfits, family walks, and so much more. It has been quite the adventure. And I'm sure the following months will be adventurous as well! I am loving watching you grow and learn new things every day. I love taking you places and realizing that each adventure expands your world. As I write this you are lying on my lap after eating and smiling up at me. I love your sweet smile. Your dad and I read that babies don't really start smiling at people until they're a month old or more but you have been smiling at us since the very beginning and we love to see a smile on your face! In the past couple of weeks you have started "talking" a bit more and it is so cute! You do it most right after you wake up {before you get grumpy and want to eat}. You also have a little squeal that almost sounds like a laugh. We love to hear your voice! Here are some other little things we've learned about you in your first month:

  • You do not sleep well at night {although you are getting a LITTLE bit better}. You like to sleep all day and then be up for most of the night. 
  • You want to be held all. the. time. {You are just now being happy lying on the bed for a little bit right after you wake up.}
  • You are really good at holding  your head up.
  • You have great style! Okay, that might be something I am forcing on you... 
  • You sleep great in the car. Your dad and I even drove to Idaho through the night hoping to switch your sleeping schedule around. I think it kinda helped...
  • You love to sleep on your daddy's chest. 
  • You want to nurse all. night. long. 
  • You have really long nails that you use to scratch anyone who holds you. {Mostly me while you're nursing.}
  • You absolutely LOVE showers. You are the most relaxed while you are showering. 
  • You hate pacifiers and bottles. The only people who have been able to get you to take them are Mimo and Gram. 
  • When you are upset in the car you calm down when you hold on to mommy and/or daddy's thumbs. It is adorable.
  • You aren't a huge fan of tummy time but it does last longer when you are in front of the mirror. Apparently you like your reflection! 
  • You like to lounge on my lap while I get ready for the day so you can watch yourself in the mirror. 
And now for your personal enjoyment, here are some of the many nicknames your dad and I use on you: 
  • Little or Wee Miss
  • Holland Girl 
  • Miss
  • Stinker
  • Pterodactyl girl {because of the dinosaur noises you make}
  • Little Goose 
  • Little, Mini, or My Main Squeesh 
  • Sailor/Sailor Girl 
  • Da Chunks
  • Wee Little Squirt/Squeesh 
  • Da gumps {aka Grumps}
I hope I'm not missing anything super important! Mostly we are just absolutely in love with you and can't wait to see how you change over the next months! We love being your parents! And now for some pictures from your first month photo shoot in the laundry basket! 

You were not a big fan of having your picture taken. 
{You rarely ever are other than quick pictures with my iPhone.}

Twisting and Turning! 

Holding onto the basket for moral support.

So, I am supposed to take pictures of you in this basket every month to see how much you grow but I'm pretty sure you will already have grown out of the basket by about three months...we'll see how this works out for us!

Love you sweet girl! Happy One Month! 

Love, Mom {and Dad}


  1. Sooo cute! Miss you and the Little!

  2. I love reading about babies that are Owen's same age! By the way, I am wondering where the name Sailor came from?

  3. She's so adorable, I can't get enough of her pictures on instagram!

  4. She seriously kills me! Is it weird that I love your baby?! I can't believe they grow so much in the 1st month!!!!!!!

  5. Aw, I hope this help with the sleeping. Spend two days poking and pinching and wiggling her when she tries to nap except one nap around noon. It should only take two days before she starts sleeping at night. I just recently had to do that with one of my daycare kids. His parents were pretty happy when it worked!

  6. I desperately wanted one of these but never got hen but my fiend had one for her baby and I baby at him a lot (just about 2 months old) and he fell asleep so easy in that. Maybe it feels similar to a car? Haha

    Fisher price vibrating bouncer. I think. They are like 20/ 30$ at Walmart or target

  7. sorry about all the typos.. I wrote that one my phone....I should have just come to the computer!
    anyway when my friend went back to work I watched her baby for a while and he loved the vibrating bouncer...I'm sure you could have gotten that by my first comment but I had to clarify for my own annoyance! hah
    Holland is so cute and we miss you already!k

  8. That IS a lot for her to have experienced already! What a trooper :) and I LOVE your photo/basket idea! So sweet.

  9. she is so perfect!!!!! i love that our little ones are so close in age. ha i feel like i know exactly what your going through:) happy one month!!!

  10. she is so adorable.

    and i love that tummy time lasts longer when she looks in the mirror i bet that is so cute :)

  11. I can't believe it's already been a month! It has flown by! and yes, she has great style. I love seeing what she is wearing via instagram. What a cutie. Seriously, you find her the CUTEST clothes ever.

  12. so so cute Emma!! Are you going to print all these out and make an adorable little book, So sweet x

  13. What a sweet letter for a sweet girl! My favorite part? All the cute nicknames!! It's just to hard to stick to one...I do the same thing! ;)

  14. 1 month already! mylittle newborn is sleeping all day and fussy at night too. It's so easy to keep her quiet by holding her but i don't know if that's for the best!