Thursday, September 27, 2012

Writer's Block=Instagram Post

There are a bunch of things I should write about on this here blog but every time I try to get them written out I get stuck. So for now, here's an Instagram update! Enjoy adorable pictures of our sweet Holland girl! And some other things! {Follow me: @emmaashby}

a. Race, Holland and I hanging out by the river. 
{We are enjoying lots of family time while Race looks for a job. 
b. Holland LOVES to practice standing! And I love her cute fall tights from Kohl's!

c. I got new work out clothes to help motivate me to get this body back in shape post baby. It is hard work but I am going to do it! 
d. Holland practicing her standing again. LOVE her chunky legs! 

e. A shirt I made for Holland. Unfortunately, it was already too small for her. So this picture is the one time  she could ever wear it. Now I have to decide whether to save it for a future baby or give it to someone as a gift...hard decisions I tell you!
f. Holland sleeping in the car on our move to Idaho. She had no idea what big changes were about to happen!

g. I made a shirt. It was hard to do.
And I kind of hate the sleeves. But luckily a cardigan covers them up just wonderfully! 
h. My favorite post-baby outfit so far! :] And the first time I was able to wear my cute clearance shoes I got at Old Navy while I was pregnant.

i. Holland's first time feeling grass on her bare feet. So cute! 
j. Holland showing off her cute style! Red skinnies and chambray! {Already more stylish than her mum!}

k. Holland and I on Sunday morning. We were matching...not that you can really tell in this picture though! 
l. Holland and I skyping with Aunt Helena. We do this a lot and enjoy it every time! 

As you can tell, life is treating us quite well! There are definitely a lot of things that are stressful about moving away from family, Race not having a job, and us not having our own place but we are enjoying our time together and we are loving all the wonderful moments with our sweet Holland girl. 

Happy Thursday everyone! 

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  1. The shirt you made her is darling! I'd say keep it! Those were all such cute pictures!

  2. I get writers block all the time I tell you, and you are by far my fav instagrammer haha You are just too cute with that cute girl! She is one little styler too ;)

  3. I like these posts too :) What type of work out are you doing? Are you doing any type of diet as well?

  4. I allllways get writers block with my blog. It's annoying.
    Good luck with the workout goals, and I hope Race can find a job so the stress can die down a little!

  5. i think you should keep the shirt for any future little girls you may have.

    and i am not looking forward to the post pregnancy getting back into shape. i am ever hopeful i will just wake up one day and be miraculously like i was before...i can dream :)

  6. She is too cute...her rights are adorable!

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