Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Two Months.

Dear Holland,

Another month has gone by! We are loving watching you learn and grow and you are smiling more and more every day {although you have always been a smiley baby}! We're still working on your sleep schedule because for some reason you never want to go to sleep before 2am! We keep you up for hours on end to try and get you to fall asleep at a decent time but you just won't have it! Someday we'll get this whole thing figured out. Until then we'll just all sleep in and cuddle when you wake up in the morning. That works for me!

This month has been much more laid back than your first month of life. We are enjoying life in Idaho {with lots of family walks and hanging out with your cousin} and this month you got to meet your Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Hogan over conference weekend! Other than that we are trying to figure out what our plans for the future are. They keep changing which makes things confusing but we'll figure it out eventually! Your daddy got a couple job offers BUT....they were pretty dead end jobs that he would hate soooo....we're actually going to do something we've talked about before--your daddy is going to try to get into law school! This is a whole new, different kind of adventure but we'll see where it leads us! The next month and a half to two months will be filled with lots of studying for the LSAT and lots of Mommy and baby time so Daddy can work on that! We don't know if this will work out but we're going to give it all we've got and see where it leads us!

Now, onto some things your daddy and I have noticed about you this month:

  • You LOVE standing up with the help of someone {usually Mom or Dad}. You've got some strong legs! Oh, and mommy can balance you on her hands while you're standing up. It's a pretty nifty trick. One of these days we'll get a picture of it!
  • You still hate bottles and pacifiers but you have started sucking on your fists. Not your thumb or a couple fingers--the WHOLE fist! It's pretty hilarious. And sometimes you get both of your fists up there and sometimes you suck on Mommy and Daddy's hands. It's pretty cute. And super slobbery! 
  • You spit up ALL. THE. TIME. It's pretty gross and it will probably stain all of your adorable clothes. Looks like I need to go buy some Oxiclean! 
  • You smile ALL. THE. TIME. This makes up for the spitting up all the time and the going to bed ridiculously late. 
  • You are the happiest in the mornings. Although you really are a pretty happy baby all day. 
  • You fit into some of your 3 month size clothes! You are a little chunker and we love it!
  • You love hearing Mom and Dad's voices. The other day you listened to Dad on the phone and were just so smiley and happy to hear his voice. It was so stinkin' cute! 
  • When we're trying to keep you awake in the evening and you sneak in a nap it is so hard to wake up up! We have a video of your daddy and I poking and kissing and bugging you and you are just OUT! It's pretty funny. Even though we don't want you to be asleep just yet.  
  • You hang out on your little playmat and kick it so that your toys make noise and wiggle over your face. It is so nice to finally be able to set you down for a few minutes! Although I honestly don't end up getting much done just because you're so fun to watch.  
  • You are kind of getting  on a nap schedule. You take two pretty good naps during the day which gives Mommy time to get things done. 
And now onto the new nicknames you've acquired this month:
  • Monkey 
  • Da chunky monks
  • Chunky Monkey 
  • Chunky monk
  • Monkey Chunk
  • Madame Squeesh 
{As you can tell, they pretty much all reference how cute and chunky you are. :]}

And now your two month pictures in the laundry basket! 

So happy to be two months! {Unlike turning one month!}

And one from when you were one month for comparison's sake! {You're definitely getting chunkier!} 

We love you our sweet, chunky girly! Happy Two Months! We are excited for all the months to come! 

Mom {and Dad}


  1. Emma! Law school!! So exciting!!!! In...Indiana?!
    I love Holland's chunky belly. Good luck with the sleeping thing. It's hard to figure out in the beginning. I found with Luke that keeping him up got everyone less sleep, because then he was too tired to actually relax and fall asleep when it was time. I think I just put him down every 2-3 hours in the beginning- he was never up for long! But every baby is different, hopefully you find something that works for you guys! (maybe she is practicing for late nights at college? ha!)

  2. She is doing so much...how exciting! And I know about the sleeping...my little man sleeps like he is an adult!

  3. Wow! She is growing so fast. What a cutie!

  4. you're right she really is a smiley baby! what a fun time this must be for you :) makes me excited to have one of my own one day!

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  5. she is so smiley! As babies should be :) You are one lucky momma!

  6. Aww...look at that smile. So cute!

  7. So cute! I love these posts. Nice reminders to look back on :)

  8. Holland sure is one smiley baby! I love all your instagrams of her... and she is ALWAYS smiling!

    Sorry to hear about the sleep problem! Mine is kind of opposite. I try to keep Jack up, but he insists on going completely out at 8 which means by 6 AM he is bright eyed and ready for the day to begin! Holland and him should work on their schedules together :)

    And hey tell your hubs good luck on the LSAT!

  9. oh my goodness, she is so cute!! i love that idea of the laundry basket. :)

  10. new[est] follower. loving this post and your blog! can't wait to keep following along! your little one is absolutely adorable...love her name!

    stop by sometime!

  11. i can't even handle how adorable this is. my husband and i are thinking about starting a family soon and it just makes my heart melt.