Thursday, November 29, 2012

Three Months.

Dear Holland Girl,

Another month has flown by! This last month was filled with lots of new adventures for you! You went on your first airplane flight with your mum to visit family in Arizona. The trip to Arizona you did wonderfully {slept the whole time other than eating on the take off and landing} but the trip back to Idaho you were super squirmy and talkative. Cute as always but a little louder and definitely more awake than before. And you refused to eat for the landing so I attempted to have you suck on my fingers as you stared out the window at all of the exciting airport lights.

You went to the doctor this month and you weigh 13 lbs. 10 oz. {75th percentile} and you are 25 inches tall {95th percentile}. Your Grandpa Olmstead pointed out that you are already almost half as tall as your mom! Only five more inches to go little one!

Here are some of the exciting new things you are learning this month:

  • You roll over but mostly just when you are mad. 
  • You grab at anything and everything and bring it straight to your mouth to chew on. 
  • You LOVE chewing on your fists. {This might have been last month too but you love it still!}
  • You still smile all. the. time. and we love this about you! :] You make a lot of people happy because you smile at them! 
  • You do not like the car at all anymore but I'm thinking that might be changing in  your fourth month now that you have toys on your car seat to grab at. 
  • You think it's the coolest. thing. ever when we get water out of the dispenser in the fridge. 
  • You think you can't sleep anywhere other than in bed with Mom and Dad. 
  • You got to wear about a billion and one Halloween costumes and you looked adorable in each and every one! 
  • You giggled for the first time! And now Mommy can get you to giggle on a pretty regular basis and it's a blast! 
  • You sit in your bumbo like an old pro! 
  • You realized you have a tongue and stick it out all the time. Licking things is your new favorite!
We love our three month old Holland girl! It is so much fun to watch you learn and grow! Life is crazy and sometimes stressful but we always have your sweet smile to cheer us up! 

Mom and Dad

You got a beautiful new bracelet from Gram Ashby! 

You have the cutest itty bitty fingernails I ever did see. 
Your long fingernails are one of the only things you got from your mom. 

You make the cutest faces.

You are already almost too big for the laundry basket! Silly girl!
Three Months. 

Two Months.

 One Month.

P.S. Your Uncle Stuart picked out your bow for these pictures!

One Month.
Two Months.

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  1. Emma!!! She is just getting cuter and cuter!! <3