Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Play Time with Holland

Now that Holland is {pretty much} sitting up by herself play time is much more exciting {and lasts a lot longer}. Here's how a typical play time looks for Holland.

Toe grabbing.

She's got to have some tongue sticking out action.

Showing Mommy her skills at holding things.

 She's got the essentials: Sophie the Giraffe and her egg toys from Mimo. 
{Sophie found here and egg toys found here 
although my mom found them for a smokin' deal of a whole $1.00!}

Everything goes straight to her mouth.

Showing off her gorgeous blue eyes.

Learning how to pick things up takes some intense concentration! 

I'm in love with her painted toe nails and adorable chubby feet!

Just being a cutie. 

Not quite related to play time but I love her pierced ears. I never thought I would get my baby's ears pierced but they are so dang cute! I'm glad I did! 

Showing off her chunky belly.

And then she falls over. And looks cute.

And then we change rooms because a change of scenery keeps this baby entertained for just a bit longer. 

I love play time with this sweet girl! I can't believe how fast she is growing up! I did not think she would be sitting up already! In fact a week ago I probably would have thought she wouldn't be sitting up by herself for at least a few more weeks! Gah! Time is just flying by too fast! I am absolutely loving this stage though and I am so grateful for my sweet girl! Being a mom is so hard {especially at night when Holland thinks she should get to eat nonstop} but it is the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced. I treasure every smile and giggle I get from my Holland girl! Now I've got to get back to some more play time with her!


  1. What a sweetie! Reading your posts about your little one makes me wish mine were here :) But I'm loving just the being pregnant stage too (especially since I'm past the morning sickness). I think every part must be new and wonderful and slightly daunting!

  2. You are such a wonderful mother. I love how you just seem to cherish every moment. And girl, these pictures are gorgeous! You are way talented!

  3. I can't believe baby Emma has a baby! I Guess you've grow Up. Sending our love to you and your cherished family.

  4. I love reading about Holland because she and Owen have the same birthday. Owen is crawling and scooting and rolling EVERYWHERE but he doesn't sit up on his own yet. It's fun to see their differences and similarities.

  5. she's darling! Can't wait til Ainsley can play!!

  6. she is precious. my niece is almost the same age! born the day after I got married!! i am loving her toes!!