Thursday, January 20, 2011


 January 15, 2011
Jack and Anna, two of Race's cousins were in town visiting Nick and Ellie (Ellie is their big sister).
Their parents drove through on their way back from somewhere to pick them up and to celebrate Jack's birthday. :] So we got to be a part of that. Jack is super funny and watching him and Race interact is quite amusing. Jack turns Race into a little kid. And it lasts for quite a while even after Jack is gone. Haha.
 January 16, 2011
Race and I matched for church! We did this last week also but forgot to take a picture. :[ And I know that this picture sucks but it's the only semi-decent one we had. Also, I hate that there are cords ALL over the ground...does anyone have smart solutions on how to hide ugly cords? Also, Sunday night...after midnight of course...I did some MAJOR cleaning while Race watched some weird documentaries on Netflix. I completely organized under our guest room bed where we had been stashing random junk since we moved in. And then I took everything out of the bathroom cupboards, cleaned them, reorganized everything and then deep cleaned the ENTIRE bathroom! Let's just say I was up late. But, I was very pleased with the outcome. :] And I got to sleep in the next day because school didn't start til Tuesday!!
 January 17, 2011
Race and I slept in for most of the day on Monday since we were up so late the night before. So, on Monday I worked from three to eight and when I got home I updated my iPhone. So that's what this is a picture of. It took FOREVER to update but it was definitely worth it! The new update made it so that you can have folders for your stuff. This is nice because it made it so that I have almost EVERYTHING on one page (It used to be five or six pages long..)! Also, it made it so that I can have a picture in my background. So that's really nice too. I haven't found a super good one yet but I will!
 January 18, 2011
First day of school!
I had to work at 6:30 am until about 8:30 but then I came home and was up and able to make Race a quick breakfast before he headed out to work before his first day of classes. And after making breakfast I was able to catch a quick nap before I had to go to my classes. So far school is pretty good. I like all of my classes and my teachers all seem super cool. I am actually kind of excited for this semester! Anyway, this is just a picture of the pancakes that I made for Race. They burned though. :[ And I think they look kinda gross SUPER drenched in syrup but that's the way Race likes them so it works. :]
January 19, 2011
A bed picture again. Race is just lying next to me reading while I type all this up. But he very nicely looked over for a picture since I didn't have one for today yet...Oh well! He looks good! He deserves his own photo on here every once in a while. :] Isn't he daaaaang good looking?! I think so!
Well, that's all for now. The weekend is ALMOST here so hopefully we will do something a little more exciting and take pictures of it. Oh! We are speaking in sacrament meeting this weekend...ah! But there won't be pictures of that. Maybe of something related to that though...who knows! Anyway, goodnight!


  1. I like your pictures! If the cords don't have to move a lot maybe you could put a plant in front of them? We were given one of those decorative quote tiles, and since I don't have a stand for it I lean it against the wall to cover the place where the internet cable plugs in.

  2. That's a super good idea. Those cords don't move much at all. They connect our TV to the internet for Netflix which is the only reason they have to go all the way across the room. (And this is Emma...just on Race's account..haha)