Friday, January 7, 2011


 January 6, 2011
Race and I didn't take a picture of anything that we did yesterday but I took lots of pictures of the babies being cute in the bathtub. This is just two of the three cuties. The babies got shots yesterday and weren't feeling good so we gave them a bath and it was the first time all day that htey were really happy. Bathtime is also the only time that we can seem to get really cute pictures of all three of them. It was a good part of my workday yesterday.
January 7, 2011
After work today Race and I decided to have a legit date. So we drew each other. As you can tell we are NOT artists but it was fun to stare at each other for a while. :] And then I did some of my own doodles to finish off our little drawing date. We also went to Target tonight to get a sketchpad and came home with a TON of clothes instead (they had an AWESOME sale....) Anyway, it was a great date night. I love being able to spend time with Race!

Here are some more pictures:

Race with his drawing of me:
Me with my drawing of Race:

 And finally, us kissing because we did such wonderful drawings of each other. (Haha that's not why!)
 Oh wait, a normal picture also. (Check out my awesome earrings!! $1.50 at Forever21)

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