Saturday, January 15, 2011


These are not the most exciting pictures and you might think that they were last pictures like some of the other ones that look like this but they are not!
 January 13, 2011
This first picture is of our living room WITHOUT the Christmas tree! If you noticed in the last picture of our living room from just a couple of days ago our Christmas tree was still there. When I came home from work on Thursday the tree was gone, the room was clean, and Race had set up our bookshelf that his mom had given us. It made our room look so much bigger and sooo clean! Race didn't think I was very surprised or grateful but I was. We had made a deal that if he took the tree out of the house then I would do all the cleaning up in the house. He did both! And he said that the clean up took FOREVER! Especially because our vacuum cleaner hasn't been suctioning very well lately. Anyway, I love having our space back!
January 14, 2011
This is a picture of Christ with "The Living Christ" on top of it. Our sister Amber Ashby made it for us for Christmas and we FINALLY got it hung up in our apartment. :] It is right in the middle of our living room and I love it. I'm glad to have this reminder up in our home to follow Christ's example. On a side note, I hung up this picture all by myself. I originally asked for Race's help but I ended up doing it on my own and I think that he was a little sad since he is usually the one to do all the picture/decorations hanging.

P.S. We hit the two week mark! I've heard that this is when people quit their picture-a-day thing but so far so good!

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  1. Hey Emma! So - I think it's so cute that you guys are doing the photo-a-day thing. Even though some of the photos are of normal stuff, someday you'll love looking through them. I wish I had pictures of our first studio apartment we lived in... but i have none. :( Plus, in 10 years when you have a bunch of kids, it will be fun to look back and see all the fun things you enjoyed together before there was chaos (I mean peace and joy and love!). You guys are cute! Happy 2011.