Saturday, September 20, 2014

On Memory Keeping:

I keep starting these blog posts about memory keeping and how important I think it is but I haven't figured out quite what I want to say on that yet. So I just decided I am going to start writing about some of the different ways I record memories for myself and my family. No fancy introduction needed!

Today I am going to write about an awesome site called {which I have actually blogged about before--you can read that post here if you're interested}. I just got back into using this site over the past couple of months and it is a great way to keep a daily journal.

Here are some of the cool features of

-You get badges for little accomplishments {like writing so many days in a row, writing at certain times of the day, and stuff like that--see picture below} and you get points for writing each day. As silly as these little things may seem they really can be great motivators!
-You can join a monthly challenge where you set a goal to write every day for the month. I just joined one for October {wish me luck!}. You set a reward and a punishment for yourself {if you want} and if you complete the challenge your name goes on the Wall of Amazingness and if you miss a day your name goes on the Wall of Shame until you do complete the challenge. If you know you are going to be away for a day or something you are able to schedule that into your challenge as well. Just make sure to do it before the day actually happens!
-It really only takes 10-15 minutes to write 750 words which just isn't that much of your day. And even if you don't write all 750 words it is still great to write a little something every day.
-You can export all of your journal entries so that you can print them and put them into an actual, tangible journal.
-It analyzes your writing for you which is really fun. See examples below:

{It also shows you which words you used the most in your writing but if I showed you that you would basically be reading my journal entry! Haha. Anyway, that's another fun feature it has!}

This is a great journaling site that will help you unload your thoughts after a long day and it is great to be able to look back at your entries when you are trying to scrapbook older photos and want to remember what happened on a certain day. You just have to make sure to write regularly!!


I will be continuing this mini series "On Memory Keeping" by talking about some of the other ways I record things for myself and my family so look forward to posts on some of these other fun ways to record your memories:

-ProjectLife App
-Gratitude Journal
-Plain Old Notebook
-Home Videos
-Project 365 App
-Instagram/Facebook {social media}
-Printed Photo Books {Shutterfly, Blurb, Snapfish, etc.}


  1. My rating somehow almost always ends up being PG-13 and I can never figure out why! Also, I need to at least pick one record-keeping thing to try to make a habit, I'm doing awful lately!

  2. That's a good point about journaling everyday so you can go back and talk about older photos when you scrapbook. I'm excited for your series because I feel a little lost as to what avenue to take or focus on or just do whatever ones I want. I'm interested to hear your thoughts on blogging vs. project life, for instance. I don't want to be doing more work than I have to ya know? I know a lot of it is about just doing *something* and doing what works best for you, but still. Thank goodness for Instagram because that's my most consistent memory keeping for sure.

  3. I JUST discovered Chatbooks! I'm super excited! I'd used Printsagrm for prints of my instagram pictures but the books makes me excited!

    I'm still wokring on getting my Smashbooks together hahaha

    1. I have used Prinstagram for Instagram prints as well. That is a whole other topic I could cover too--printing Instagrams! There are SO many different options! And I actually haven't used Chatbooks yet. Haha. I am waiting for their update that allows you to print a few Instagram books at once instead of ALL of them at once since I have close to 30 Instagram books that I want to print which adds up way too fast to do all at the same time. But over a few months I could totally afford it! Haha. Anyway, I still wanted to talk about it because the idea is just so awesome!