Wednesday, September 10, 2014

We Moved.

We moved for the seventh time in our four years of marriage last month {August 10th}. You would think that we would be pros at the whole moving thing by now but we're not. It's stressful and crazy every. single. time. This was our smoothest move to date though! We had family, friends, and soooo many people from both our old ward and our new ward come to help us load and unload all of our stuff. We felt so blessed to have so much help!

Over the last month I've gotten everything unpacked and have kind of started decorating things. It's a work in progress of course but this is the fastest I've ever unpacked before so I'm feeling pretty good! It usually takes me a good six months to get the final few boxes unpacked and then another six months to a year to get the house decorated. This time I was unpacked in under a month and we're about halfway done with decorating. Woot! Woot!  I guess it has helped that I'm not pregnant/have a brand new baby {We moved two times while I was pregnant with Holland and then again less than a month after her birth--ridiculous!}. I just wanted to post a few pictures of our new place. It's nothing fancy but we are really loving our new apartment and making it feel like home!

I have a couple more decorating projects I want to get done but I am trying to make a trip down to IKEA first so it might be a while before things are finished. I'll post more pictures whenever that actually happens though!

In the girls' room. {Pallet bookshelves made by Patrick and Tyne}

Living room. {Cubbies made by Race, banner from Nikki}

Kitchen {ASHBY est. 2010 sign made by Amy Gregson of My 3 Monsters, whiteboard from IKEA years ago, chalkboard from a friend's wedding, tin buckets from Target}.

Aprons made by my mom, aunt, and grandma. {We LOVE these aprons for art projects and eating and just wearing around the house!}

I spent a good hour+ decorating our fridge with contact paper one of the first nights after we moved in. Race got a good laugh out of the fact that I got so distracted by this pretty, but definitely not top priority, project. He was super nice about it and helped me finish it up and I love it! I'm thinking of switching it out for some chalkboard contact paper but we shall see. I'm enjoying the bright green! {Crate from Michael's, white basket from Target $1 section, contact paper from WalMart}

We only have two drawers in our whole kitchen {ridiculous!} so these 
little containers are our new "junk drawers"! 


  1. I love your fridge! I have never seen that done before, what a great idea! Your whole house is lovely, You are a fabulous decorator!

    1. I saw it on Pinterest or something and I just LOVE it! And thank you! I am having a lot of fun decorating this time around! Also, you have posted some of the cutest home projects on Facebook! YOU are a fabulous decorator/thrifter/furniture re-doer!

  2. You are so cute!! I'm TOTALLY stealing your contact paper idea for our fridge!

    1. You totally should! And I want to see pictures afterwards! I got the idea from Pinterest or something. Haha. It definitely brightens up our little kitchen!

  3. I have similar priorities when we move. Except unfortunately I had to contact paper the inside of our cabinets because they were gross exposed pressboard! Your place is so cute! I still have a couple of boxes unpacked and I will probably never hang the last few frames. Oh well!

  4. Haha I'm in a house and only have two drawers in my kitchen too! So lame. You should show a pic of your whole fridge, it's too awesome not to! Haha