Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sunday Family Photos 08.17.2014

These are from the first Sunday in our new ward {We moved about a month ago--I don't think I've written about that yet}.

We are loving our new apartment and the ward we moved into. Holland hasn't cried once going to nursery {!!/Knock on wood} and we are already making some new friends! We haven't always been super great at being involved in some of our previous wards and are trying to make a better effort this time around. We haven't missed a Sunday yet so that's a good start!

I really like trying to match everyone on Sundays and today I felt like it worked out particularly well so of course we had to take pictures! Holland was not in the mood at first but as soon as she knew she could show off her new cupcake toys {thanks Aunt Tyne!} she was fine.

I sure do love this family of mine!


  1. So cute! What a sweet family! I've loved seeing your family grow! Good luck in your new ward!

  2. That last one is so great! We always try to match on Sundays too and I love it, even though I'm sure no one ever notices.

  3. Holland's face in that last one is priceless! I'm glad you've made friends in your new ward! We definitely haven't made much effort in our ward, but we're starting to feel more comfortable....6 months later.