Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Beautiful Things

I'm playing catch up again. But I'll still keep it short and to the point.

1.I am grateful for the color red. I don't know why but red things just make me very happy.

2. This one also relates to the picture above. I love these flowers! They are red gerbera daisies and I love them more than roses by a long shot. And also isn't that vase with red ribbon cute? I think so. :) And the red ribbon was all me!

3. Service. The other night I got off of a long night at work and Race wasn't home from cleaning yet so I made dinner (this doesn't happen very often). Meanwhile Race was out "cleaning" when actually he was running to the store to get me these beautiful flowers. Isn't he sweet?! It is hard to learn to put each other first in our marriage especially when we are both so busy and tired all the time but I think we got it right this night! :)

5. I am grateful for pictures! This is our super cute picture wall at our house. It's not completely finished but it will be soon. We have a couple cute quotes to put in the last two frames. But I love our picture wall. Eventually we will switch out some of our wedding/engagement pictures for pictures of our families but we don't have much to choose from right now.

6. The final thing I am grateful for today is SPACE. We have sooo much space in our home now and it is such a nice change. I'll show you two pictures. First the one of our old apartment and it's messiness and tinyness and then one of our new super spacey apartment.

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  1. I want to see more pics...
    eps. messy ones, they make me feel better!