Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Pictures will follow after I get them off of my camera someday.
So, Emma and I went to her parents' place for Thanksgiving, and it was wonderful. I really enjoyed getting to relax, spend time with her family, and especially just be with Emma! We did black Friday, but nothing crazy- we picked up a few movies and a set of bath robes... We also drew names for giving gifts this Christmas, which is a tradition for Emma's family. When we got back to Flagstaff, we were really excited to pick out a real live Christmas tree, and decorate it for Family Home Evening. The experience was completed by the vinyl record player and Christmas albums we played. The whole house smells just like Christmas now!! I'm really excited about the holidays, and in no way do I regret that sizable iTunes download of Christmas music a few weeks ago.
Mostly, I'm just really excited for Emma and I to spend our first Christmas together. I set up my work schedule during winter break today, and I will actually have time to relax!! WOOHOO! Emma might not get to relax quite as much, but she will definitely be enjoying the cookies I crank out for the next month :)

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