Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Me & My Husband {Thirteenth Edition}+A Giveaway Winner!!

So, I  don't know if any of you remember these posts I was doing a while back. If not, you should go check them out! I will be continuing the posts. There are only four or five questions left so enjoy it while it lasts! ;} 

Today's question is: Honeymoon: Where did you go? Was it good? ;)

So this is going to be a pretty boring one! Sorry everyone! We went to Sedona, AZ for our honeymoon and stayed in a little hotel. It was pretty nice with our own personal jacuzzi! That was the fun part! We had a super short honeymoon though and didn't do much. I don't even think we have pictures of us on our honeymoon! We took a couple at some of the fun places we went to eat but they are all on Race's phone. It was really nice though. We turned off our phones and just enjoyed being together nonstop for a few days.  We were married Friday morning, in Sedona by 2 or 3ish, spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Sedona, and then headed home on Monday. Our honeymoon wasn't much but it was perfect for us and for the amount of time that we had. And honestly, I was just really excited to get home and move in together! Someday we'll probably head out on a cruise and do something more honeymoonish and it'll be a blast! But our mini-honeymoon was just wonderful!

Now before I leave for the day I want to tell you 
something I am grateful for. And that would bemy job. I am 
so grateful to have a job but I also grateful for 
what my job is.  I get to sit in an office for a few hours a week
and answer phones. I am lucky to like the people I work 
with, to like answering phones and helping people
solve their problems. And I absolutely LOVE typing. Weird , maybe
but I do love it. I love the sound and seeing how fast I can
 type. Is anyone else weird like me? Anyway, I 
am lucky to have a job. And I am grateful that I can help my 
family in this little way.

This picture displays what I do at work. Take pictures of the flats I wear basically every day and make collages. Jealous? Your probably should be! ;} Happy November everyone!

Oh wait! Before everyone heads out I have a giveaway winner to announce! So, I used for this but I don't know how to do the whole picture thing to prove that I didn't pick my favorite person so you'll have to trust me! The winner is comment #19. Kaitlin Graff! Email me at emsmilesss {at} gmail {dot} com. If I do not get an email within the next 48 hours I will pick a new winner using Congratulations Kaitlin! 


  1. this sentence stood out to me the most (and i hope this isn't embrassing)... "and honestly, i was just really excited to get home and move in togther." i love that. i think it's wonderful y'all waited to move in until after yall were married. so many people don't do that.
    and i love that you love your job. i love that you love typing. that's being thankful for the little things and i just love that. :)
    love the yellow flats.
    congrats to kaitlin!

  2. cute post emma. Jimmy and I didn't even have a honeymoon. Sad. We were going to go to the mountains to a cabin but I was too sick with mono to do it. Then we moved to Florida and Jimmy said that living in Florida was our lifelong honeymoon. We did do a ton of fun things there so perhaps I'll count it. ha-ha.

    have a good week.

  3. I'm with you! Our honeymoon was pretty short and really laid back. We went to Midway, Ut (like a half hour from Park City) and just vegged haha. It was so nice to just relax together! I agree though, I couldn't WAIT to move in with Eric!
    It sounds like you're so lucky to have an amazing job :) So happy for you!

  4. I love love LOVE Sedona! I bet that was amazing. It's so beautiful there. And there's such a quirky atmosphere, which I love.

    Have you ever been to Jerome? That place is pretty fun and quirky, too.

    Also, I love typing, too. I always try to see how fast I can type, but it's NEVER as fast as my brother, who types over 100 words per minute consistently! WHAT. Haha.

  5. LOVE this! Jed and I didn't have a honeymoon at all, we actually got married the weekend before thanksgiving so we took time off, opened presents, and went to Safford for Thanksgiving. It was awesome!

    I hope you guys have fun :)

  6. We had a long honeymoon, but my husband was also leaving for two and a half months after it. We spent the whole time bringing food to our room and snuggling because we just wanted to spend time together. I loved it.

    I'm glad you love your job, it makes such a huge difference :)

  7. i love your photos of your feet! also - i agree - moving in together is the exciting part of getting married. not the honeymoon.