Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wonderful Weekend {on a Wednesday}!

Here are some pictures from the weekend with the family! It was such a good weekend! Although I'm pretty sure we are all getting sick now from freezing our butts off on Saturday! Oh well! It was worth it!

Friday night family started getting into town and I got to hang out with cute Baby Madison. 
We like to take pictures together. :] 

Saturday morning we woke up to GORGEOUS snow!

Then we headed to 
Out of Africa Wildlife Park. {If you live in AZ
and you haven't been to Out of Africa
you should definitely go!}

Saturday night was spent opening, presents and reading the 60 memories talked about in this post. 
It was such a special night for everyone. We all laughed, got emotional, and just loved hearing about Dad Ashby from all different points of views.

Finally, Sunday was spent going to church and then squeezing EVERYONE into our itty bitty apartment and eating dinner. The whole weekend was filled with so much love and laughter.
It was so much fun and also absolutely exhausting. After everyone left Sunday afternoon I spent the rest of the evening sleeping. And it felt so good!

There were a billion other pictures that I could have posted but I figured I would try and keep the photo overloading to a minimum! Haha. Now tell me about your weekend! 

{And go check out this post by my sister-in-law at Thrifty {Modest} Threads. She transformed a shirt and I LOVE it!}

And today I am grateful for a comfy bed. :]


  1. What a cute weekend!! It hailed in Scottsdale but it looked like snow haha!

    Oh, and Out of Africa=amazing.

  2. Gorgeous pictures! How fun! Love your head band!

  3. We'll have to add the Out of Africa thing to our honey-do list over Christmas break. I think it would be fun with my in-laws :)

  4. I loved all of these pictures. That seems like such a fun zoo!

  5. Aw! :) The pictures are adorable!

  6. What a fun weekend! You take fabulous pictures.

    P.S. Everyone check out Emma's post on my blog tomorrow!

  7. Love the yellow coat!

  8. Awesome! I'm afraid I picked up a cold over the weekend too. Maybe it had something to do with watching a pee wee football game in four inches of snow! But we won and now this weekend we play for the championship.

  9. Looks like you had an awesome weekend with family!! So did I, those kind are the best :)

  10. Looks like a fun weekend. I love your beanie! Thanks for stopping over at my blog. As for my hair, I plan on growing it out to about my mid back.

    PS: your comment about my short hair makes me what to cut it again...ha ha

  11. looks like tons and tons of fun to me! :) love your blog.

  12. those are some seriously cute kids!! I love Madison's cheeks! I hope Olivia gets some cheeks like that soon!!