Monday, November 14, 2011


I guest posted over Brooke's blog Silver Lining last week. 
It was all about Winter Dressing and I 
just wanted to share it all with you. 
I added in where everything is from. Enjoy!! :]

Emma's Tips on Winter Dressing:
 I am fairly new to the whole winter dressing thing as I grew up in Chandler, AZ where it does not get cold. I moved to Flagstaff, AZ where it snows just about as much as it does in Utah. In fact, a couple of years ago it snowed more in Flagstaff than in anywhere else in the US {excluding Alaska}! That year was awesome. Our finals were cancelled! Anyway, I'm off topic! This year will be my fourth winter in my life so here are some little tips and tricks that I have learned on how to stay warm {in no particular order}!

Warm boots are a must have!
From left to right:
Land's End- $40{?}
Kohl's- $8
Kohl's- $15

Scarves! Wear them over or under your jackets and outfits. 
Either way they keep your neck nice and toasty warm!
Top Left: Old Navy- $5
Top Right: H&M- Scarf Swap!
Bottom Left: WalMart $3
Bottom Right: Old Navy- Gift!

Tights! I wear tights with everything! I even wear them under my jeans when it gets super cold. 
But they're much cuter when paired with a skirt or dress!
Top Left: Charlotte Russe- $3
Top Right: Old Navy- $2
Bottom Left: Target- $5
Bottom Left: Charlotte Russe- $3 

Cardigans & Sweaters {layers!}
Layer everything with a cardigan or sweater for extra warmth!
Top Left: Target $8
Top Right: Old Navy- $3
Bottom Left: Target- $4
Bottom Right: Target- $6

Cute coats! Every year I like to add a coat {or two} to my ever-growing collection. 
A cute coat on top of your outfit makes everything just that much classier!
{Other tips: Coats can make a boring outfit look super cute! And every year OldNavy has coat sales sometime before 
Christmas where almost all of their 
coats are 50% off. Look for those!! I am pretty sure they have that sale going on RIGHT NOW!}

Top Left: Old Navy- $10
Top Right: Target- $6
Bottom Left: Charlotte Russe- $10
Bottom Right: Newport Beach- $20

Keep those ears nice and cozy with a cute hat or some earwarmers. 
I just learned how to make earwarmers thanks to Pinterest! 
Top Left and Bottom Right: Made by my sister-in-law- GIFT!! 
Top Right and Bottom Left: Made by me from old t-shirts- FREE!!

Well, that's all I have for you today!
Dress warm and enjoy the winter!! :]

Today I am grateful for my adorable new blog design! {I seriously can't stop looking at it! Teehee!} 
What are you grateful for?
And what are your tips for staying warm during the winter?


  1. LOVE the blog design! so cute! and YES. i live in tights and scarves all winter long:)

  2. Soo cute and loving the new blog!! :)

  3. love, love, love your new look emma! it's toooo cute! i also love the faces you're making in these adorable pictures:)) awesome post!
    p.s. thankful for mornings in the pj's :)

  4. We are on a I think this year I am going to go to the thrift store and find some jersy cotton and make some scraves out of shirts and/or old sheets.

  5. OK your blog is ADORABLE. Loving the new design hun!! And you are so cute. xo.

  6. Nice guestpost! Those are a lot of ideas! I LOVE your header too! She did a great job! Thanks so much :)

    xo sherri

  7. cute, cUtE, C-U-T-E, CUTE!!! thank you for the sweet comment you left me. ;) yup. mem is my sis. and a best friend to me. ;D

  8. I personally love mittens. :) darling boots, I love the red ones! You are such an adorable person. That's all, have a great night!

  9. oh my goodness your hats are my favorite! I am getting all bundle up in winter clothes too! love it all.

  10. Yippee for guest posts and I love, love, love all your looks! Loving your new blog layout too...super cute! Thank you for always leaving such lovely and supportive comments on my blog! You are adorable!

    Liesl :)

  11. Colorful tights are my favorite winter accessory. It gets pretty gray in Seattle and wearing yellow tights to work always makes it a little sunnier

  12. i love the floral boots and all the different options you posted.
    don't you love the colder months?! so much to wear!


  13. aren't you the biggest doll in the world?! i am still boycotting winter coats. :) but i just bought a super cutie the other day.

    happy winter dressing.


  14. I LOVE your new blog design and you are super cute!

    Thanks so much for the comment on my blog, seriously you are so kind. All of my readers are, so thanks for the support and uplift :) I much appreciate it. (I can't remember if I thanked you already, but oh well if I've done it twice!) :)

  15. ugh. I need you to come to Cali and shop for me and then make me wear cute clothes like this. Except for hats. I look weird in hats. But everything else needs to be done. The end.

  16. oooh cute new header!! love your winter wear guide, it all looks so snuggly and warm! not to mention fabulous ;)

    The House of Shoes

  17. Love the new blog design! And I love scarves and tights and sweaters...I'm pretty much obsessed with them and always want more even though I have way too many...ha ha

    PS: HP movie marathon=amazing though not anywhere near as amazing as the book marathon I had this summer