Sunday, November 13, 2011

Three Day Wondrous Weekend!

This weekend was just what I needed! I have been {and still am} sick all week and working and going to school has not been fun. So, relaxing and sleeping lots this weekend was absolutely wonderful! Some of my family came up to visit this weekend and that was super fun as well! Friday was spent sleeping in ridiculously late {read: 12:30 pm} and then waiting around for my family to get here. They got stuck in traffic for THREE hours! So a normally two and a half our drive ended up taking five and a half hours! I felt awful! But once they got here we had lots of fun! My dad came up with my brothers Enoch, Stuart, and Solomon and my youngest sister Gelsey. The boys spent most of the day playing various video games so Gelsey and I got to spend some quality time together shopping and then having a Girls' night where we made some earwarmers and did each others' makeup! It was lots of fun! {We also bought matching dresses for Gelsey, Helena, and I but we don't have a picture of those. I'm sure the dress will show up in an outfit post later this week!} While Race took a break from video games we made our second batch of Grandma's Fudge. Race's grandma makes this fudge every year and Race had never successfully made it until Thursday night. That first roll didn't last long so we made more on Friday. It is delicious! {I plan on posting a recipe!} Friday night was spent watching The Truman Show. I haven't seen that movie in a long time and I loved watching it again!
Gelsey looking fabulous with her makeup!
{Does anyone think that Gelsey and I could be twins 12 years apart?
We've been told that a lot.}

Race and I perfecting Grandma's delicious fudge!

Saturday was spent sleeping in again and then heading up to Snow Bowl {the ski resort in our area} to play in the snow. My siblings have grown up in Chandler, AZ so snow is always an exciting thing for them! I loved it too! We built two snowmen, had lots of snowball fights and ended up soaking wet. It was a blast! We grabbed some food on the way home and then relaxed for a few hours before they had to head back down to the valley.

After my family left I spent Saturday evening with Teal and Ellie {sister-in-law and cousin-in-law} watching some SUPER old Law and Order. Let's be honest, the new Law and Order {SVU} is way better. In the old show everyone just yells at each other a ton. It's weird. So after watching that I came home and started reading Matched on my Kindle. I'm LOVING it! I'm more than halfway through {because I stayed up much too late reading} and I can't wait to get the next book in the series!

Today was spent passed out in bed drugged up on Benadryl. I am still feeling a little bit groggy but I had to get on and write about my weekend and announce something exciting!! Okay, you probably all noticed but I have a new blog design! Thank you to the wonderful Daryl of Roots, Wings, and Other Things my blog is looking fabulous! And you all should go have Daryl design your blogs now! Daryl had a little sheet to fill out on how I wanted my blog to look. The only direction I really gave her was that I wanted something simple. And she came up with this beautiful creation that you see now! I am in love with it and can't stop checking it out! Haha. So, head on over to Daryl's blog and check out her amazing prices and then be amazed at how good she makes your blog look! Have fun!! :]

I took pictures of Race while he was getting ready for church. 
I love him. :] 
{He didn't love my nonstop picture taking though!}

Now tell me about your weekend! How did you spend your extra day off?

P.S. Grateful Catch-up!
Friday 11/11/11: I am grateful for all of the people who have fought/are fighting for my freedom.
{Also, I am grateful for the chance to make two awesome wishes!}
Saturday 11/12/11: I am grateful for carrying on family traditions. {Fudge is one of those traditions in Race's family and it makes it so much more exciting that we figured out how to make his Grandma's fudge!}
Today 11/13/11: I am grateful for my Kindle! I have been being lazy and reading all day and it is wonderful! I seriously think that everyone should own a Kindle. Even though I have to get my real book reading in occasionally I really do like the easiness of accessing books on a Kindle. And I love how many books you can get for free. It's wonderful!


  1. I love your new blog design!! I'm getting one soon too :) And isn't Matched amazing?! I'm about to read the sequel!

  2. cutest blog design ever!!! I LOVE IT!!!

  3. your new blog design is SO CUTE.
    Mine seriously needs a makeover.

  4. Fudge! And snow! I'm so jealous!

    Also, new blog layout!

    Great post :) as always.

  5. SUCH A FUN WEEKEND! and I love the new blog! did you do it yourself? cause if you did you should definitely spiff up my crap Thrifty Modest Threads non design! haha

  6. I hope you get feeling better! Love the new design, and that snowman picture is a keeper!
    Have a good night!

  7. LOVE the new layout! And those pics of your husband getting ready are great too. For some reason I love watching my husband get ready in the morning.

  8. Your design is super cute. I love it! I'm going to have to check in to Daryl's designing. Sounds like you had quite the weekend! I hope you feel better. And guess what?? We're neighbors now!! Yay!

  9. Way cute design! And sick all week huh??? Are you sure it isn't something like my ailment??? ;) I love that you guys do such fun stuff! So jealous! And thank you for your sweet comment! ;)

  10. oops I guess I should have read that last paragraph on the blog design before I commented! haha

  11. Beautiful new blog my dear! She did a truly fabulous job :)

    Glad to hear the you had an awesome weekend!


  12. That sounds like a blast of a weekend! Spending time with the fam is the best! You and your sister are so cute! Thanks so much for your sweet comment! And I'm LOVIN the new blog layout!!

    xo sherri

  13. SO glad you're weekend was so good! I really hope you get feeling all the way better asap!
    And that fudge sounds amazing! I love that you guys made it twice :)
    I loved matched! I can't wait to read crossed!!
    And my uncle has a cabin up snow bowl... love it there!
    How was this for the most scattered comment? Haha

  14. love love love the new blog design, so cute!

    sounds like a fun weekend! sorry you've been sick -- i was in the same boat last week too. darn cold weather! hope you're on the mend!

  15. Hi Emma, Loving the new header on your blog and the general new design. Also i'm really enjoying your grateful notes at the end of your post. So beautiful!
    xoxo Ellyse

  16. I now need some fudge.

    I loved Matched! I haven't read the second one yet...I'm so behind on reading.

    And I wish I had snow here :( I am jealous of your amazing snowman!

  17. Ugh, sick=no fun! I haven't gotten sick yet but now I've probably just jinxed myself.
    Sounds like you had a fun-filled packed weekend. Isn't it nice to have family close? My parents are only a couple of hours away from us and I love it.

    PS: I got motivated to exercise by really just forcing myself to do it. I put on the clothes and just did it...ha ha