Friday, March 8, 2013

#7daysofstyle Sneak Peak!

Holland was looking so stinking cute today that I had to take out our nice camera and take some pictures of her fifth #7daysofstyle outfit. So here is a little sneak peak for all of you! The rest of the outfits will be posted on Sunday or Monday!

Oh, before I show you the outfit I'll show you the three items
I have been restyling throughout the week!
White shirt- Gift (Ralph Lauren) 
Chambray Shirt- H&M 
Red Dress- Old Navy

Outfit Details:
Headband- Made by me
Shirt- H&M 
Onesie & Tights- Kohl's
Shoes- Thrifted Converse 

Attempting to figure out the whole crawling thing.

Non-toys make the best toys. Mom's Baby Lips, headbands, the camera lens cover.

My pretty little lady! 

 I don't know if you can see this but someone has her first tooth! 

Like I said in the last post, dressing Holland is just so much fun! And this challenge has made it extra interesting!


  1. I know I say it all the time, but I can NEVER get over how cute she is. Seriously, that little girl has SO much personality! And I love the outfits you put together for her. Super adorable.

  2. I love the leg warmers they are so cool looking & obviously the converse!!

  3. Eek! Baby fashion! That girl is dang pretty btw! Sorry for all my exclamation points too, I'm just so excited! haha