Saturday, March 23, 2013

Holland's Sixth Month in Instagrams

Holland's Sixth Month consisted:

Chewing on binkies as toys but still refusing to actually use one or take a bottle.

Showing me her toys.

 Watching Dad play the piano. Much more interesting than watching herself in the mirror apparently!

Cuddling with Dad. 

Making funny faces at me!

Chewing on an apple--her favorite food and pretty much the only food she eats!

A ride in the laundry basket with cousin Madison!

The cutest naked babe!

She loves to play cousin Madison's piano and makes the funniest faces while doing it!

 Looking so grown up!

 Move in day! I found Holland's mobile from my sister-in-law and Holland LOVES it!

Playing on the floor while I try to organize her new room!

Holland started taking baths again instead of showers with me.

Wearing hats while playing is the best!

A toy set from Mimo for Holland's half birthday!


My birthday!

You can never have too many bows! ;]

Valentine's Day 


  1. I can totally see how she looks like you in that V-day picture! I love your darling instagrams. Yours is one of my fave accounts I follow :)