Friday, March 22, 2013

Seven Months.

Dear Holland,

Every new thing you have started to do this past month just makes me realize how fast you are growing. I wish time would slow down but I also love watching you learn and getting to see more and more about your personality. Is there a balance that can be found?! I'm not sure if there is! Your dad and I are just having more and more fun with you as you get older. Now that you're crawling you like to follow me around the house and try to stand up while holding onto my legs whenever I am doing the dishes or putting on my makeup. It's pretty dang cute. Everything about you can be described as pretty dang cute.

Here are some of the things your dad and I have noticed about you this month:
-You are sleeping a little bit better. We have successfully moved your bedtime from sometime between 12am and 2am to sometime between 8:30 pm and 12:00 am. You are just not at all consistent with your bedtime which I kind of don't think is going to change. Your naps during the day are pretty normal and I've been getting you up at the same time every day but you just don't like to have a set in stone bedtime. But hey, for the most part you are sleeping through the night so I can't complain!
-You talk to yourself a lot {this isn't new necessarily but you do it a lot more now}
-You are wearing size 3 diapers because you started having blowouts every single time with size 2s.
-You got your first tooth! We didn't even notice you were teething!
-You always want to be in Mom's arms. If you see me you reach for me, cry for me, etc.
-You enjoy listening to Mom and Dad read you books and really enjoy watching our mouths as we read and talk to you.
-You do NOT like any pureed baby food. You like to chew on anything Mom and Dad are eating but if we stick any mushy baby food in your mouth you spit it right back out.
-You clench your jaw when you smile and it looks hilarious!
-You started crawling the Sunday before your 7 month birthday. It was seriously out of nowhere! You had reached for things before but you had never really tried to actually move anywhere. But then one Sunday you made your way across the room to your Aunt Tyne. You really do love her! :] Your crawl is pretty funny though. You only use one leg and it looks like your limping a little bit. It cracks your dad and I up!
-You also learned how to clap on your 7 month birthday! It is just about the cutest thing ever! You clap for yourself when you knock over blocks or crawl somewhere or Mom and Dad say "yay" about something you've done. It's so funny and cute!

I just can't believe you are in the second half of your first year! Time is flying by and it is crazy to think how much more you are going to be learning in the next few months! Your dad and I love finding new ways to make you smile and laugh and those moments where the two of us sit doing absolutely ridiculous things to make you laugh will always be some of my most treasured memories. We love you!

Love, Mom & Dad

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 Seven Months!

More pictures coming soon from Instagram! {For six months as well since I haven't done that post just yet!}


  1. Gosh - babies grow so quickly. It's hard to see them get bigger and stop being a baby, but watching them learn and grow is our consulation prize I suppose. I just love it when children learn new things!

  2. Shes getting ready to bust out of there!! What a cutie!! She is growing!!

  3. I know I tell you this all the time on instagram but she is the cutest baby EVER!

  4. Jake is still immobile. I think it's a bit of a curse and a blessing, haha. She's so cute!