Thursday, March 21, 2013

Special Moments

Holland is not a cuddler, but other day she just laid her sweet little head down on my shoulder and snuggled there for a few minutes. I really wanted a picture of it or for Race to come in and see how sweet she was being but I knew that if I moved or made noise it would break the spell. And who knows when I'll get cuddles from her again! So I just sat there and absolutely enjoyed those precious moments with my sweet baby girl.

I love to take pictures and document all of the exciting things in Holland's life but I learned right then that sometimes it is okay {and not just okay, but good} to just enjoy being in the moment. To take in the wonderfulness that is being a mother and having a little one who wants to be close to you and loves you with all of their heart. I loved that time with Holland and I hope that I don't ever forget to stop recording and taking pictures and documenting for a while so I can just ENJOY her. 

And since I didn't get and adorable picture of her cuddling with me
 here's a picture of Holland cuddling with Race because
 that is something I can take pictures of without missing much!

P.S. As you have seen from my Smashbook posts I do think it's super important to document your life and your childrens' lives, I just learned through this experience that you also need to be in the moment and not be so consumed with always getting the perfect picture. I'm just working on learning the balance! :] 


  1. Such a precious moment! I'm the same way with Rory, if she snuggles I can't move or even breathe hahahaha ;)

  2. Those moments are the best. I still cherish the times when my 4 year old will cuddle me! Where did you get your Smashbook?

  3. Thank you for the reminder! It's a tricky balance to find. Thank goodness we still have words to remember those tender moments.

  4. Thank you so much for the reminder that we don't have to catch every moment but its more about enjoying the moments. I feel like since becoming a blogger I've been bad with this!

  5. I love this! But seriously...I feel like I need to be way more like you in how much I document! And you take the cutest pictures! How do you do it?!