Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Race's Birthday!

I love birthdays! Race's was this last Sunday {St. Patrick's Day} and we had a fun little celebration with friends and family. I also got to surprise Race with the gift that he had been telling me he wanted for the past oh, four months! He brought it up about a billion times the week before his birthday and I had him convinced that I had decided it wasn't worth the money so I just got him other stuff for his birthday! I had actually ordered the present {a fancy leather jacket} online but I didn't think it would make it here in time for his birthday. So I wrapped a shirt from Target in a box with a picture of the leather jacket underneath the shirt and a note that I had ordered it BEFORE he started bringing it up this week to say he wanted it. After I had wrapped the shirt the jacket actually got here in time for his birthday so I got to wrap it as well! I made sure to have him open the shirt from Target first. His first surprise was that I had already ordered the jacket! He was talking about how cool the jacket was and telling everyone why it was such an exciting gift and then I had him open the jacket and he was super surprised! Aaand I got a video of it. Maybe it's not cool to anyone other than me but here it is anyway!

Happy Happy Birthday to my favorite person in the world! I'm glad I could make your dreams come true! You are the best husband and father and I am so grateful for all that you do! I love you Race Husbandface!


  1. you are such a nice wife. haha i would never give neal anything related to video games. lol
    but I was describing it to Neal and he was like that sounds like a mass effect jacket and of course it was. haha

  2. Good idea. My husband and I aren't good at keeping gifts a secret.