Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Anniversary Weekend Part 1

Our anniversary weekend was WONDERFUL! We started out the weekend by packing up the car and heading to beautiful Lake Powell. We had tons of snacks, good food to cook over a fire, and our books to read while we cuddled. The weather was perfect, the drive was really nice and we got out earlier than planned because Race's boss was really sweet and let him leave an hour and a half early as she wished him a happy anniversary. :] We headed out after promising each other we wouldn't bring up stressful topics for the weekend {monies, school, jobs, etc.} and enjoyed good conversations and good music in the car. We headed to the Lone Rock camp site {just across the Utah border} and immediately got our truck stuck in the sand. Luckily, a nice family of six or so cute, blond hair blue-eyed boys {from about age 4 to age 15} came up and helped us push the truck and then had their dad come up and pull us out in his truck. Then we set up camp {a little ways away from everyone else} and made our fire. We cooked a yummy dinner of hot dogs {I only like them cooked over a fire} and then had a delicious dessert of s'mores. After dinner and dessert we spent the rest of the evening cuddling and reading and doing other fun things. We went to bed earlier than we would have if we were at home because we knew we would have to get up early in order to get our jet ski from the rental place and spend as much time as possible on the lake.

We got up early on Saturday, got the truck out of the rest of the sand without getting stuck {yay!}, and then headed into Page to get our jet ski! We got into town early so we grabbed some breakfast and sat in the truck trying not to fall asleep! We got the jet ski right at 8:00 am and were talked through how to work it since neither of us had ridden one before. We headed to the State Line unloading zone and successfully got the jet ski into the water without damaging it. I was a scaredy cat and couldn't drive the car out of the water afterwards though {we have a stick shift and I was scared the truck would just roll back into the water before I could gun it back up the hill}. So I stood with the jet ski in the water while Race parked the truck and ran back down to me. We quickly figured out how to ride it and headed straight back to our campsite for provisions {TONS of Mountain Dews for Race and some lemonade and water for me plus lots of snacks}. We spent the ENTIRE day on the jet ski and it was so much fun. We rode it super fast in the super choppy water {it was a busy weekend being labor day and all} but didn't crash it. And when we wanted to take a break we would just turn it off and stretch out on the jet ski and/or jump in the water to cool off. It was the most perfect day. We just got to enjoy each other's company without any interruptions {no phones, video games, TV, computers, etc.}. I think we need days like that more often because it's so nice to actually talk and get to know each other again without modern day distractions. 

Don't mind my makeupless face in all of these photos and my weeeeird bangs {jet ski wind does that to you}.

We returned the jet ski on time {after spending almost an hour in traffic} and headed to our campsite to clear out. We didn't get stuck in the sand but had to walk all our stuff further to our truck. It was good exercise though. Haha. After loading up we headed home to Flagstaff. We were EXHAUSTED but decided to head down to the valley on Saturday night so that we wouldn't have to drive down early in the morning on Sunday. The rest of the weekend was spent doing a mini family reunion with my immediate family that has grown so much recently with marriages and new babies. It was a great weekend and I will post more on the rest of it so look forward to: hopefully a video of some cool stuff we did {still trying to figure out how to make a video...}, cool sewing projects, cute pictures of the most adorable babies, and just more fun family stuff. Also, I will have another outfit post coming up soon so get excited!

Thanks AGAIN to my guest bloggers! They made my weekend so much more relaxing and they all shared the sweetest stories. Go and check them out in the posts below!

P.S. I'm excited for Zooey Deschanel in New Girl. I'm not sure what the show is about but Zooey is ADORABLE! Is anyone else excited? I already know I will be falling in love with ALL of her clothes.


  1. This sounds like SUCH a perfect weekend! I will have to remember this for when I need to celebrate an anniversary. :) And I am the same way when it comes to hot dogs- they're only good when roasted over an open flame. haha!

  2. Sounds so fun! And your pictures are adorable. And YES, I love Zooey.

  3. Sooo excited for the new girl.

    What a fun weekend! I have wanted to camping so hard since we first got married, and we have yet to do it! Maybe this will be the kick in the pants I need.

    (Also, thanks for your sweet comment. I really appreciated it!)

  4. You know those people that you can just tell are awesome in like one sentence they write? that would be you :) This sounds like so much fun!! Seriously this would be the perfect vacation. I'm so glad you had so much fun!

  5. Oh my heck you cuties!! I just love you two :) Looks like you had so much fun.

  6. Sounds like a great weekend! I love Lake Powell :)

  7. So much jealousy raging through me right now! I didn't get to go to Lake Powell at all this summer and I'm having withdrawals!

    Glad to hear you two had a blasty blast.

  8. Lake Powell is possibly my favorite place on earth. we have a houseboat there at Wahweap marina so I get to spend time on the lake during the summer. We always bring our waverunner... but I cant say we never wreck it (:

    Looks like you guys had so much fun (: I am jealous.

  9. Also excited for New Girl! Saw the preview in like...may, and was so excited!

    Looks like the best weekend! Whoo!

    <3 Daryl