Thursday, September 8, 2011

Outfit Post Numero Seven

I found this picture of a cute outfit I wore months ago that I just happened to take a picture of. It's a crappy mirror picture and it's the only one I have of this outfit but I still love the outfit and wanted to share it with everyone. :]

Here's the Breakdown:
Jeans & Shirt- Target
Red Cardigan Thing- Anchor Blue
Belt- Wet Seal
Yellow Undershirt- I don't remember
Watch- Gift from my sweet husband!

Hope you enjoyed.
And sorry about the weird mad face.
I don't remember what I was thinking...haha.

Also, do you like my half splits to get the whole outfit in the picture? I probably could have moved my mirror around. Instead I wanted to stretch out my inner thighs?


  1. Ha - I was TOTALLY wondering about that pose ;)

  2. Haha Love the face and the outfit.

  3. Haha I wish I had a cute wardrobe like that :) I would never think to put something together like that, but it's so cute!

  4. Thanks Kylie. Haha. Also, I think that you should do more outfit posts because your semi outfit post was super cute!