Thursday, September 8, 2011

Discussing DISQUS

Thanks everyone for your input on DISQUS. I have heard mixed reviews about it but decided the only way I could figure out if I like it or not is to try it out! Here is what I learned from people's input so far:

  • Commenting is a lot more like Facebook because you can reply to comments and it all stays in one thread {does that make sense?}
  • If you do not have a DISQUS account you still have to check back on the post to see if the blog author replied to your comment. {Before I signed up for DISQUS just as a commentor I never got replies to my comments because I was posting as a guest}.
  • DISQUS can be slow and sometimes doesn't work very well on iPhones and iPads. {I have an iPhone so if this continues to be a problem then it will definitely not be staying for long. So far it has worked better since I registered for an account though!}
  • You CAN import comments from Blogger. My DISQUS account is working on that right now. It's being really slow though so if that doesn't work then I will also probably discontinuing my use of DISQUS.
  • You can reply to the emails you get about comments on blogger as long as the reader has their email set to public. {If I switch back to blogger then you better all make your emails public so you actually get responses!} 
  • Some people have had problems with DISQUS messing up other design things on their site. {I don't think this will be a problem for me considering my lack of design...but we'll see.}
  • If people don't put their blog address either in the comment or on the commenting form when they comment using DISQUS then you have no way of finding their blog. {This one is a big deal to me because I love finding new blogs especially after people have taken the time to come and look at my little blog!}
I think that's it for now. Any other thoughts are much appreciated and I definitely want to know what you all think of it after commenting with it a couple times on my site! 

More outfit posts to come. And the "cutesy" anniversary post all about how fun being married is. I'm just finishing up "editing" {I put that in quotes because even with editing the pictures won't be that fancy} pictures of the last year in the life of Race & Emma. :]

Update so far: It is taking FOREVER to import my comments. So long that I'm not even sure if it is has me kind of far I'm not super impressed but maybe overnight they'll all import or something and then I'll be happy! :] I guess we'll see! 


  1. Disqus has its drawbacks (such as when people don't leave their link, it's slow to load sometimes, and people can't comment from their phones) but I'm loving it so far!

  2. also... this has nothing to do with this post btw... but I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a guest blog post on yourstrulymadison? I know you are really busy and such so no worries if you cant (:

    if so you can contact me at or through disqus or whatevs (:

  3. ahh that stinks that its not importing your comments very fast. it imported mine in seconds! weird.

  4. It finally imported my comments! I have no idea why it took so long but they're here!