Friday, September 2, 2011

Outfit Post the Sixth

Last Thursday I went with a friend {and old roommate} of mine to a little party for a cute etsy company called The Apple Avenue. This shop has lots of cute stuff and it was fun to go look at all of it. I got myself this one except for with some cute little buttons/pearls on it. {I will wear it soon to show it off!} Anyway, I decided that I had to look cute to go look at such cute stuff so I wore a cute and comfy outfit. And here it is! 

Breakdown:Shirt- from a friend, Calvin Klein I believe; Cardigan & Scarf & Purse- Old Navy; Belt- Charlotte Russe I think...; Jeans & Shoes- Target

Well, that's all for now! I'm headed off for the most wonderful weekend with my huzBAND {that's actually how I pronounce that word almost all of the time in case you were wondering...and I know you were}.
{P.S. I just reread this and realized I used the word cute way more times I should have. Oh well. I did look cute and I did go look at cute stuff and the etsy shop is super cute so I wasn't lying just lacking in the creativity with words department and too lazy to change it.}


  1. Love the outfit! :D Have an awesome weekend!

  2. I LOVE your scarf and you DID look cute :)

  3. Cute! (I thought I would throw in another one of those words haha)

    I always forget you are in northern Arizona....because Devin is from Mesa and it would be impossible to wear a cardigan there now.

  4. I love that cardigan! such a great fall into fall look!

  5. amazing outfit. im aaalll about being comfy! love it!

  6. Hey. You. You're way cute. I love this look. And comfort is a definite bonus!

    I'm glad I found your REAL blog. It's great!

    Totally following you now.

  7. Haha you are super cute! And I love that outfit. :)