Saturday, September 3, 2011

First Guest Post Ever: Kaycie

I am in Lake Powell. Just waking up to a beautiful sunrise or something cool at the moment. Headed off to get our jet ski and tube for the day and then have some fun and SUPER sunscreen all day so I don't burn. But, you all get to hear from the lovely Kaycie! She is visiting from {Redhead} Memories where she blogs about newlywed life, delicious recipes she makes for her husband, and proclaims herself as a lover of  soft and mushy bananas. She is the cutest, funnest {is that a word} redhead that I have met in blogland and I am so excited to have her taking over my blog for the day.  

Hey friends of Race and Emma! I’m Kaycie and I blog over at Redhead Memories.
Since Emma and Race are out celebrating their anniversary, I thought I should talk about marriage. And then I realized, I haven’t ever shared my proposal story on my blog before! So I’m going to take this opportunity to do so!
Scott and I were traveling down to Las Vegas, where his family lives, for the summer break. Because we’d be passing by the Grand Canyon and neither of us had been since we were really young, we thought we would stop by!
You would think that going to the Grand Canyon when we had been talking about getting married would ring a bell. I thought about it, but didn’t think it was going to happen. Scott still had to talk to my dad and said he wouldn’t get the ring before then.
Yeah. Boys lie when they’re about to propose to girls.

Scott and my naïve self traveled to the canyon anyway. When we got there, it was pouring rain. I thought it was fun! I guess I hadn’t seen rain in a while. Scott was way upset, but didn’t show it. We pulled into a parking stall and right then, it stopped raining. Scott likes to say, “the heavens parted”.
He walked me to the edge, (also, he is terrified of heights) found a spot that was semi-secluded, and took advantage of that perfect moment. It totally caught me by surprise and of course, I said yes!

Of COURSE I wore old pants and a t-shirt. I thought I was getting comfy for the road trip. Ha! At least I work makeup, ha ha.
I guess he really loves me. :)

I hope you all enjoyed Kaycie's adorable engagement story {I sure did}! And now head on over to her blog and learn more about her and her exciting life in Vegas as a newlywed! 


  1. Kaycie: it's true! My boy lied right before he proposed to me too, he said my ring was still getting sized! (& I was about to leave on a trip so I wouldn't get it for another 3 weeks). And don't even worry about the outfit, you looked cute anyway--the words on your shirt are pretty appropriate for the feeling you get right after becoming engaged :)

  2. Cute :)

    I was oblivious so there was no lying, so funny when I read that though.

  3. Cute, cute. I love engagement stories. And yours is lovely. Probably because you're lovely? That's my guess.

  4. Fun post! Engagement stories are so great.

  5. haha I need to work on getting those words to align right! Thanks for having me!