Thursday, September 15, 2011

Once Upon a Time

I was checking some comments on my blog when I came across a comment from Daryl of her blog Roots, Wings, and Other Things. In this comment she told me that she had nominated me for my first ever blogging award! The Versatile Blogger. :] Yay for first ever awards in blogland and thank you so much Daryl for nominating me! {You should all head over and read her post about her nomination. It's cute! As are all of her posts! And if you ever need some ideas for DELICIOUS meals you should look there as well!}

Anyway, the rules of this award are as follows: 1. I must thank the award-giver and link back to them in my post. {Check!} 2. I must tell you wonderful readers seven things about myself. 3. I must give this award to up to 15 recently discovered bloggers. And 4. I must contact those bloggers and tell them the exciting news!

So now I will begin to cover numbers 2-4!

Here are seven random things about myself:

1. I am in love with the family in The Cosby Show. I have mentioned this show before because Race and I watch it ALL. THE. TIME. but I am seriously obsessed with that family. I want to have a family dynamic like them someday. And you should all watch the show to see what I mean!
2. Lindt chocolates are my weakness. {If you've never had one go out and try them. I like the red packaged ones. And...if they become your weakness as well I am sincerely sorry...kinda.}
3. I bought an iPhone two years ago and it may not have been the most financially smart decision but I am in love and don't think I could ever go back. {If you know of any awesome apps you must tell me about them!}
4. In high school I joined the dive team although I had never gone off the high dive before. Smart, eh? Now that I'm done with diving I am once again afraid of the high dive.
5. I am short. {5'1/2" to be exact} I don't know if you all knew that or not...I am not sure how well shortness comes across in writing. Haha. Just kidding. I don't know how well it comes across in pictures though.
6. I adore Zooey Deschanel. I am so excited for her new show to come out. {T-minus 5 days...I think.}
7. I am quite skilled at doing hand stand walking. Also, I can't lick my elbow. Not at the same time of course. Although maybe I should work on that! Race came up with those last two for me that's why it turned into two rather than just the one. :]

Now for some nominations! {If I renominate anyone I am really sorry! I don't know how you are supposed to know if someone has been nominated before or not...}
1. This is not a recently found blog but I have always loved my old roommate Kylie's blog. She writes about life as a newlywed, yummy recipe she makes, cute crafts she makes, and she has an adorable etsy shop where she sells cute headbands and belts {made by her best friend}. Of the many blogs that I read I often save Kylie's for last partly because I know her but mostly because I always love reading her posts. They are cute and profound and just overall awesome!
2. Kaycie of the blog {Redhead} Memories. Kaycie was my first guest poster ever on my blog! And I love visiting her blog. She is a newlywed {like me!} and is living in Las Vegas with her husband. She blogs about taking pictures, yummy recipes, being a newlywed, and other fun things! I learned how to properly wear my towel on my head after showering from her! Haha. Super random but also super good to know. Kaycie is really fun and just about the cutest redhead I've met in blogland! Go and check her cute blog out!
3. Finally, for now I would like to nominate Ashlyn of Fowliters Forever. I love Ashlyn's blog. She posts about WHATEVER catches her fancy. Whether that happens to be yummy food she makes, her adorable outfits, adventures with her husband {and other awesome people in her life}, literally anything that she deems interesting. I love that about her blog! And I just happen to find everything that she finds interesting/funny interesting/funny as well. So I guess that helps! Go over and check her cute blog out!

Now I'm headed out to tell all these pretty ladies that they won an award! Yay for fun blogging awards and spreading the love!


  1. Yay congrats! Love learning more about you. :) I'm short too. Although it's ridiculous. I'm 4'8". Haha!

  2. I just came across your blog and I had to comment because I LOVE so many of the things you mentioned... so I'm feeling like we were separated at birth! haha Anywho, your blog is super duper cute and congrats on becoming a mrs. :)

  3. Ha! I totally cracked up when you said "I don't know how well shortness comes out in writing" .. totally cute :) and LINDT CHOCOLATES?! Ah they are definitely my weakness and now you made me want some. But I am not mad, because yesterday was pay day.

    Also, congrats on the blogging award :) EXCITING!!

  4. I'm glad I could help in an itty bitty way! I hope your week gets better! {It should since tomorrow is Friday...right?!}

  5. The soft center is INCREDIBLE! Sometimes I can save it for last by breaking the chocolate in half and then eating the outer core. It's hard work but so delicious! :] Haha. I just found out about Instagram a couple of months ago and I am in LOVE! If you ever think of any other cool ones you must let me know!

  6. You are so sweet! I seriously just about cried when I read this. It has been such a rough week, and this really cheered me up. Thank you !

  7. Thanks, Emma! I love Lindt chocolate, too. When you bite through and get to the soft center? Favorite part! And I love my iPhone, too! I usually got so lost and never knew how to get places, but the google maps has saved my life, haha! Instagram is fun. And that's all I can think of right now, sorry!