Monday, September 5, 2011

Guest Post: Katie, the new Mrs. Devey!

I am so excited to have Katie Devey {that's her NEW last name} of the blog Sparky posting here on my blog! Katie and I are new blogging friends. I actually found her blog while she was on her honeymoon and had guest posters {this one in particular}. But then I started perusing the rest of her blog and I loved what I saw. Katie married her childhood sweetheart{ish} in August and is so in love! I love love and I love reading about love. It's so fun to hear about her relationship with her new husband and to see how much fun they have together. Without further ado, here is Katie!

Hello friends!

[Isn't Emma great?  We only recently became blogging friends, but I love her already!]

Ok, kids, let's get down to the nitty gritty.

I just got married.  [Almost] a month ago now.  And it's the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Tim and I met when I was about eight and he was about ten.  

He would come to my older brother's birthday parties.  I would see him around at church.  Scouting functions.  Youth activities.  [You name it, I remember seeing him.]

Romantic, right?  Childhood sweethearts.

Wrong.  [Wrong, wrong, wrong.]

He doesn't really remember me.

And why should he?

He was the cool older boy.

I was a nerdy little girl.

Then I moved away, grew up, and eventually moved away to school.

And it just happened to be the same place that Tim went to school.

To make a [very] long story short, this time, the tables had turned.

I was no longer interested in him, but he suddenly became very interested in me.

And I ran him through the mill for quite a few months before I [finally] consented to be his wife.

And boy, am I glad I did.

I write about our lives and our love, but mostly, I write about our silliness.

Come take a peek, relax, and maybe stay for awhile.

I love blogging friends.

Thanks for having me, Emma!

Isn't their story great? And aren't her wedding pictures amazing? I can't imagine looking that good in Phoenix SUMMER weather! But Katie pulled it off wonderfully! Now you all need to go over to her blog and read more about her wedding, her love story, her life, and see more beautiful pictures. Have fun perusing!   


  1. That's a cute story! I also can't believe that was a summer wedding and she didn't melt in Arizona.

  2. It was so exciting seeing my new name in the Title! Haha. Yay! Thanks for having me :)

  3. What a fun story! They look so cute together.

  4. Oh my goodness! I know the both of you, and you are both adorable, amazing, married women! Congrats to Katie!