Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thank Goodness for Pinterest!

I am sure that I would have come across this blog eventually but thanks to Pinterest {and Kylie} I came across it tonight!

Now I am going to get my house organized and get rid of lots of stuff I don't need.

I have been needing to purge and organize for a while {you can ask my husband} so I am so happy to have found this blog that is helping me get motivated!

If you all know of any other organizing blogs you should definitely let me know because I need some major help! Our house is a mess and it is driving me crazy!

Oh, and if any of you has advice on how to sell things on eBay or Craigslist that would be great as well! I'm not sure yet if any of my stuff will be sell-worthy but if it is it would be nice to make a little bit of money off of some old things. :]

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We did! :] We relaxed, cuddled, watched lots of The Cosby Show {Does anyone else love this show? If no one else does you should all check it out on Netflix}, got some visiting teaching done, worked on homework, hung out with family, etc. Oh, and I made homemade s'mores inspired by Katie from this post, and Race got lots of bloody noses {sad story}. Oh, and Race made about a thousand chocolate chip cookies {he is a skilled cookie baker}.

Well, tell me about your weekend, give me some organizing/selling tips and then have a fabulous week! :]


  1. oooh love the pretty hair in the last photo. nice work! hey I just saw in your about me description that you got married sept 3?? so YOU just had your anniversary too!!! yayy how exciting. I love anniversaries. And september weddings ;)

    The House of Shoes

  2. Cosby is the greatest. And is it weird that i love organizing? if i could come help you, i totally would. i am a freak about that kinda stuff.

  3. I love your choice of tv shows ;) And I've sold things on eBay. It's free but when you do sell something, they do charge a fee. No idea on Craigslist tho ;)

  4. Love Cosby show. :) if you have a local listings website besides craigslist those work great! That would be my first choice. Sounds like you had such an awesome weekend!

  5. You cuties! I love Pinterest. I'm obsessed. Finally have my page up :)

  6. uh yah, I'm addicted to Pinterest, it's kinda scary haha. I'll have to take a look at that blog, I need to organize & purge around here too.

  7. Whoever thought of Pinterest is super smart. I love being able to scroll through on a Saturday and be like, "Oh, I wanna make that"

    And your hubby looks soo pitiful there with the nosebleed :(

  8. Yay s'mores! :) And I love the Cosby Show! Totally gonna have to watch more of it on Netflix. Also, I'm gonna to take a look at that organizing blog! I need to be more organized, and I LOVE it when everything is organized, but I'm not always very good at getting it done, ha!

  9. Love the cosby show! The episodes with Olivia are my favorite. Also, cute hair!

    And pinterest has been very very bad for my sweets addiction.

  10. love that braid.

    i've seen you around alot on blogs (commenting and the like)... finally get to see what you're all about!
    {you are SO pretty! :)}
    happy day!

  11. Thanks to my dad and brother, I know my fair share about eBay and Craigslist. I can come over and show you anytime!

    Also, I love the Cosby Show. When my mom bought a couple of seasons on DVD, my sister and I had marathons.

    Also, I spent the weekend playing with adorable puppies, working, and trying to recover from my sinus infection. Not too fun :P

  12. Hey! I LOVE THAT BLOG! Thanks for linking to it so I could find it :) Yay!!! And I actually just worked on getting rid of stuff today too haha. So if you have clothes you want to sell I say group them, like all size small it is like a lot so then lots of people want them. I've had a lot of luck doing that on eBay!! Here is a post I wrote on decluttering :)

  13. love these pictures, especially the second one. thanks for sharing the great blog!!
    xo TJ