Thursday, August 11, 2011

30 Day Fun Challenge

Alexis of had the great idea to come up with thirty fun things to do for yourself over the next thirty days.
Here are my 30 things that I am going to do over the next thirty days:
  1. Make a cute hair accessory for myself. 
  2. Read a book outside.
  3.  Take a nap. 
  4. Read a book while taking a bubble bath. 
  5. Paint my nails/toenails. 
  6. Go on a walk around downtown Flagstaff. 
  7. Write Race a love note {make it cute}
  8. Wear an outfit I feel SEXY in! 
  9. Stay up late to read in bed with Race. 
  10. Make and eat a delicious dessert. 
  11. Go see a romantic comedy in theatres. 
  12. Go to Zumba at the new Rec Center with a friend. 
  13. Finally use the wax lips Race and I bought on a date FOREVER ago. 
  14. Take pictures of everything I do in a day .
  15. Do my hair super cute {curled, fancy up-do, just anything other than my typical high ponytail/bun}
  16. Plan a "fancy date" with my husband. 
  17. Go star gazing. 
  18. Take "First Day of School" pictures with Race. 
  19. Stare at my gorgeous wedding ring and list {in my head} all the reasons I love Race. 
  20. Make a skirt.
  21. Wear the skirt I made. 
  22. Plan and/or go on a group date with friends. 
  23. Play tennis/racquetball with Race.
  24. Wear my new swimsuit {$6 at Old Navy!}
  25. Go on a bike ride. 
  26. Get my hair trimmed or cut. 
  27. Have my sister-in-law/best friend pluck and shape my eyebrows. 
  28. Buy a new color of nailpolish. 
  29. Play Michael Jackson: The Experience with Race. 
  30. Make a smoothie. 
Some of these I stole from Alexis' blog. Lots of them I came up with on my own. All of them I am super excited to do.

You should definitely go over and check out Alexis' blog and then think of thirty fun things you can do to pamper yourself over the next thirty days! I think I might just have to make this thirty day thing a tradition. Every month? Haha. We'll see. :]


  1. I love this idea! I may have to mimic :) PS...Kaylee did a great job with my hair!

  2. You should definitely mimic :] And I want to see your hair! Also, I definitely plan on calling Kaylee up in the next couple of weeks. I am getting so many split ends!

  3. I definitely love this! Love the idea of star gazing! might have to copy cat that one ;)