Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Race Says Funny Things

More specifically Race says funny things before he is about to pass gas aka cut the cheese, break wind, rip one, toot, fart, or whatever else you might call it. I still haven't figured out why Race feels the need to tell me before he does this but for some reason he does and is constantly coming up with new goofy ways to let me know what's about to happen. {Sometimes it is a nice warning for me to move away but usually what he says is very misleading}

Here are some of the silly things he says {and my typical responses}:
  • Race: Emma, I have a surprise for you! Emma: Ew! Get away! 
  • Race: No matter what happens in the next ten seconds just remember that I love you! Emma: Ew! Get away! 
  • Race: I'm so sorry! Emma: Ew! Get away!
  • Race: I have something important to say... Emma: Ew! Get away! 
  • Race: I should be the big spoon right now... Emma: Ew! Get away! 
  • Race: Wait, you should let me snuggle you right now. Emma: Ew! Get away! 
As you can see my responses are always the same although occasionally the vary a LITTLE bit. The funny thing is that of course Race sometimes says things like "I have something important to tell you" or "I have a surprise for you" when he actually does need to tell me something or have a surprise for me. Then my response doesn't make any sense. I am now used to all of Race's pre-passing-the-gas phrases and get as far away as I need to to avoid stinky boyness. :] I just like that my husband avoids covered wagons and "pull my finger" jokes and comes up with his own silly ways to let me know he's about to cut the cheese. Haha. 

Hopefully this wasn't too gross or awkward for anyone. Race and I were just laughing the other day at how many different things he has come up with and how I recognize them right off the bat and give him the same response every time. It's fun having a husband to laugh at these things with.   

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  1. Oh the progression from dating to have no shame anymore ;) Haha so funny!