Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Institute is Wonderful

I mentioned in my First Day of School post that I signed up for an institute class. {Did I also mention that I'm technically done with institute? I don't remember but I am graduated from institute and will be getting a diploma whenever I want it!} I am so glad that I did. I went to my first class today and it was wonderful. The class is called "Teachings of the Living Prophets" and I love it already. Today we just got to know each other and then we read some quotes about the importance of modern revelation. It was just what I needed and I feel like it is really going to help motivate me to grow closer to the Spirit and to learn how to see the hand of God in my everyday life. Also, the prophet has asked that we pass around a scripture reading chart during each class and keep track of how many days we have taken the time to do individual scripture study. I think that this will really help me to make an extra effort to read SOMETHING from my scriptures every day. I am so grateful for institute and the opportunity I have to learn more about the gospel, strengthen my testimony, and grow closer to the Spirit so that I can use it to better my life and marriage and to help the people around me. I love spiritual highs! And I plan on keeping this one up throughout the semester. :]

Also we got cute little yellow legal pads to write on so I'm pretty excited about that. {Remember, I love school supplies}

Oh, and I am the designated musician aka pianist even though I barely play. I am glad for the practice though.


  1. that is cool! i would like to go to institute but Neal would never go.
    and you have the most perfect hand writing!

  2. Institute is amazing, really. I miss it a lot! They have it here in Germany but it's just not the same vibe as in America. We're taking a religion class at BYU online together while we're here. I'm glad you like that class, I'll be sure to take it once I'm back in the states!

    <3 Daryl

  3. I am so thankful for the opportunities the church provides to gain a better spiritual education. I am taking seminary online right now because of my location- and its such a blessing in my life.

    and your handwriting is the cutest. i may just spend my whole day analyzing it and trying to write just like you

  4. I also think your handwriting is super cute! enjoy institute while you can.

  5. Awe, I took that class at BYU...!!! I LOVED IT!

    And in response to your comment, I wish I could post stories about my work at the psychiatric treatment center but I'm friends with a few clients on Facebook now and if they ever found my blog and read them, that would be weird. Plus, there are confidentiality stuff we have to sign...BUT...I do have a little bit on my blog! Go here!

    And skip the first post. I just searched by labels but trust me there is some weird stuff in there ha! I love those girls though, even though most gave me a ton of attitude!!!


  6. thank you for all the sweet blog comments! and i must confess...I AM ALSO OBSESSED WITH SCHOOL SUPPLIES!! i love legal pads, but ohhh how sticky notes and sharpies undo me. mmmyesplease

  7. Oh I miss my institute classes! Because there are so few mormons in our new area, they don't get offered. You'll have to fill me in on what you learn.

  8. Yesterday Scott and I started reading together, thanks to institute! We're going to try to do it daily. Let's keep each other motivated, eh?

  9. Institute is my favorite! Good for you for going even after you're graduated. And, ditto on whoever else said it- your handwriting is adorable.