Friday, August 19, 2011

Me & My Husband {Tenth Edition}

Continuing the questionnaire from this post:

Question 10: The cake/food: I love food. So tell me about what you had at your wedding!

We really didn't have much food at our wedding/reception. After we got married we had a brunch with all kinds of yummy breakfast foods. It was laid back and delicious. At our wedding reception we had cupcakes, snow cones, dinner mints, and then lemonade and water to drink. I THINK that's all we had but I honestly can't remember. I ate maybe one cupcake and then someone brought Race and I snow cones with lemonade mixed into them. They were delicious! I don't at all regret not eating food at our reception. We spent the whole time talking with all the wonderful people that came to support us in the beginning of our marriage. It was quite the relaxing, low-stress night.

{Sidenote: I have recently been realizing that I am not even close to a food connoisseur like so many other bloggers. I like food just fine but I am not incredibly in love with any foods/desserts. Yeah, I know it's weird.}

I guess I might have Race add something to this post about what he thought about our wedding food although I'm not sure that he really ate much at our reception either. 

Did any of you other married couples realize that you didn't have the time to eat anything at your receptions?    


  1. We had a full dinner... soup in bread bowls! It was perfect for the stormy December night. We had no time to eat though. His sister-in-law brought us small bowls of soup that we would take bites of in between talking to people. By the end of the night I was STARVING! Our caterer made us a "honeymoon" basket filled with bread bowls and soup, wedding cake, chocolate covered strawberries, fresh veggies, and sparkling cider that we were able to take to the hotel with us. It was fantastic, until we realized we had no spoons! Ha, later, my mom was like "didn't you go to the front desk to get spoons?" and we were all "" {kinda busy, obviously!}


  2. Oh man, longest comment ever. Anyway, I love reading little snippets of your wedding! And so fun for you to be able to look back and remember everything!

  3. We had a dinner, too...we went Italian. With Italian sodas. And a chocolate fountain and cake. [My parents are the ones who wanted lots of food - and it WAS great!] We ate a little bit of it, but mostly just talked to the guests! I felt kinda sad about not being able to eat more [I am not picky about food but I LOVE it for sure ha], but then when we got back from our honeymoon, my mom announced that she had leftovers in her freezer for us! Love her. And reading about your wedding memories is so fun!

  4. I think we ate maybe one cracker with spread and had some water. But we did have someone put together a plate of food for us to take to the hotel. Oh, and the small piece of cake we shared. We kept it simple too (but then you know that).

  5. I never even thought of having legit food but now hearing about your guys' delicious dinners I'm kinda jealous! Haha. My brother and sister-in-law did soup in bread bowls for their luncheon thingy and it was delicious! And I love that your caterer sent you away with goodies. That's awesome! Mmm! I'm hungry now!

  6. we had food catered and had to chow down 5 minutes before the reception started haha! just found your blog, following now!

  7. MMM snow cones... I could totally go for one of those right now!!!

    We had an ice cream sundae bar= AWESOME :)