Friday, August 5, 2011

Me & My Husband {Fifth Edition.Part 2}

Filling out the Questionnaire from this post.

Question 5:

Engagement/Bridal pictures: Let's see em! {I'm going to split this into two posts so that I can share even more pictures} This is the Bridal pictures portion of the post. 

I love that our photographer Jessica Downey {of Sierra Studios Photography} made sure that we felt comfortable around her. As you can see we are laughing in the majority of our pictures! It was so much gallivanting around the temple grounds and feeling absolutely like a princess! And Race was my perfectly handsome white knight!

A bug flew up my nose immediately following this picture. And then it came out my mouth. That's good luck, right?

I love our photos beyond belief and it is so fun to go through and look at them again and again. A lot of these photos are the ones that I love the most but haven't put around the house because they aren't the typical show-off-to-everyone kind of pictures. But, I really love our genuine faces in these and I love looking at them and remembering how much fun it was to spend this time just before being sealed in the temple together being so in love. It makes me want to get some professional photos done again just for funsies. :]


  1. what gorgeous photos and what a gorgeou couple! You look familiar! I don't know if I've seen you or just stumbled across your blog! The Mormon community or Mesa it seems like everyone knows everyone :)

  2. I bet we know some of the same people or something. :) All my roommates last year were from Mesa and I've always had lots of Mesa friends.

  3. emma, you are so gorgeous. love your wedding colors!! red and yellow..i might have to keep those in mind... ;P