Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Random Date Night

Race and I have been saving up our change since before we got married. We haven't used it for anything in all that time so we decided to take it all to Coinstar. Before heading over there we made guesses as to how much money there would be. We also had fun dumping all of the change out of the change rolls that we had previously spent so much time rolling all the change up into.

Here were our guesses for how much money we THOUGHT we would have:
  • Race--$120.00
  • Emma--$117.82

We ended up getting $124.11 in cash and then we got an iTunes giftcard worth $69.16! We were not expecting to get nearly that much money and it was a lot of fun dumping our change into the Coinstar and watching the numbers go up and up. It sure did make us feel rich!

And then we spent it {mostly} on responsible things and enjoyed not having to touch our debit cards for a while.

It was a fun, random little date but we really enjoyed doing something a little different and something that made us $193.27 richer.



  1. Aw that is so fun! It's crazy how quickly change adds up!

  2. Race = coolest. name. ever.

    End of story.

  3. That's awesome!! Oh change. And I agree with "Young People in Love," Race really is the coolest name :)

    Love the blog hun.

  4. We have some change jars too! But I think we'll need to save a bit longer before we have that much :P

  5. We won't have that much change for a while because with our new bank we will rarely ever be using cash. It will be weird. And I love Race's name. I kind of want to use it for a baby but I can't decide if I like the whole idea of having a "Junior" baby...any thoughts?

  6. Wow, we should definitely do this now.

  7. i definitely have a jar of coins at my parents' house that i refer to as my "retirement fund." the other day my mom texted me to tell me she found some old crackers in my closet that have probably been there for nearly a decade......i told her it's my food storage and to put it with my retirement fund.

  8. Katie: Bahaha! That's awesome! Sounds like you are set for anything crazy happening! My mom has been trying to get me to get rid of stuff that I've left at home for forever. Unfortunately it's not a retirement fund or food storage so I'm not very excited to get it. Haha.