Thursday, August 18, 2011

In Oregon

You sit in your car and they pump your gas for you. It's very different. And a little weird. You can't even pump your gas yourself if you want to--it's illegal!

Because of that, this happened a few years back:

My grandparents were visiting us in Arizona and my mom, my grandma, my sisters and I were heading out to go shopping but we had to stop and get gas first. We got to the gas station where my mom and grandma realized that neither of them knew how to pump gas. They had literally never done it before! My sisters and I were too young so we didn't know how either so my mom had to go inside and ask the gas station attendant for help. I'm sure that made for an amusing story for the attendant. A 40 year-old and a 60 year-old who didn't know how to pump gas. It's crazy to think that you could go such a long time without pumping gas. I am glad that I learned but I also don't mind sitting in my car in Oregon while they pump my gas, wash my windows, and just be overall nice to me. It's a fun change! 


  1. Haha! I think that's awesome!! I would love to have people still do that everywhere. :)

  2. Holy moly, that's cool!

    I remember watching an old film where they did that, and at the end the attendant told her the total... 37 cents!

    Those were the good 'ol days, ha!

  3. I would love it to except for the fact that gas stations actually close there. My sister and I were driving home from a movie around 1 am and we needed gas but we couldn't find any open gas stations! It was weird.

  4. So funny. The first time I went to Oregon, I screamed when this "sketchy" looking stranger came up by my car door...until he grabbed the pump. That's the one thing I don't know if I'll like about Oregon. I like having the control haha.