Saturday, August 6, 2011

Biking Through Flagstaff

Last weekend Race, his sister Teal, his cousin Ellie and I went on a gorgeous bike ride. I had never gone on the urban trails they have all throughout Flagstaff so it was really fun for me to explore a whole part of Flagstaff that I never even knew existed. We biked for a couple of hours and enjoyed each others company, the beautiful weather and the breathtaking views. We will be doing this a lot more regularly now. :) Except I need to get a more comfortable bike seat before I spend that much time on my bike ever again. Here are some pictures from our day. The lighting wasn't great so you guys don't get to see quite how gorgeous it was.

This last one is of Race being my personal Vanilla Coke advertisement. :) {Race does this pose for pretty much every picture--especially when he's holding a drink.}

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