Friday, August 12, 2011

{I Was} Sitting at the MVD

I tried to post this while I was there but it didn't work. Now I'm back home with a new license in hand and I am OFFICIALLY Emma Frances Ashby for all the world to know. Also, does anyone know why driver's license pictures always turn out so weird?

I'm A048 although that doesn't tell me anything since the order makes absolutely no sense. Does anyone know how this works?

This is what came up after the last photo:

Yeah, I'm confused. And bored. 

Random Things I Learned While at the MVD:
  1. You should always have ten inches between yourself and the steering wheel {This is common sense but I honestly don't know if I ever have that much room because my legs are just so dang short}.
  2. Plan ahead before traveling {Seriously?! Isn't this pretty much a given?}. 
  3. Use to compare gas prices wherever you are.
  4. Being a small business owner would be stressful {more than 40 hours a week and most small business owners work over the holidays--bleh!}
It was also pointed out to me that I was moved from the middle/end of the alphabet list to the front. Olmstead --> Ashby I am lucky!


  1. I think they purposely make it confusing so you don't get mad when someone that has only been there 2 minutes goes before you. Cause how would you know when they have a completely different letter? But seriously, its weird.

    Hey I also went up in the alphabet! Hooray for us! Fuller--> Baxter