Friday, August 26, 2011

Me & My Husband {Twelfth Edition}

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Question 12: Favorite part of the day and least favorite part of the day. {Can be anything}

I'll get the bad out of the way and then move on to the good. :]

First off there wasn't anything absolutely terrible. Mostly there were just some funny, weird things that happened. 

1. A bug flew up my nose right before we headed into the temple {while we were doing pictures, 13th picture down, here}.
2. Race was in the process of some crazy tooth surgery and was actually missing a tooth at the time of our wedding. He had a flipper tooth at the time which made kissing over the altar and for pictures a LITTLE bit weird. It was still good though. And, he has a tooth now {not a flipper} so kissing is grrreat! 
3. We got stuck in traffic on our way to our honeymoon destination! 

I think that's all. Those are such small things compared to what a WONDERFUL day it was. 

And now to the good things:

1. Sitting and talking quietly together in the temple before entering the sealing room. 
2. Getting advice from the temple president on love and marriage. 
3. Entering the sealing room to see the faces of so many people we love there to support us. 
4. Giggling lots while taking pictures. 
5. Not being stressed about ANYTHING once I saw Race.6. Making sweet promises to each other for all eternity.

Pretty much everything about our day was good. We didn't have our reception the night of our wedding which we loved. I think that it really helped me not to be stressed about anything. And we were glad that we got to head straight to our honeymoon destination after a quick brunch. It was a good day! And we are coming up on one year next weekend. I can't wait! We are headed to Lake Powell for the weekend and then might be ending it in the valley with my family for a mini family reunion. It will be a good weekend. :]

Oh, for that weekend I was THINKING about having two or three guest posters. I just wanted to see if anyone was interested...and IF anyone is then they should give me some tips on how I would go about setting up a guest post...because I have never had a guest poster or been a guest poster. So, let me know. And have a WONDERFUL weekend!

Edit: I think I now have enough guest posters for next weekend but I LOVE the idea of guest posting and would love for anyone who is interested in doing it at some point to let me know so that next time I'm away I can ask you! You can email me at emsmilesss {at} gmail {dot} com. Thanks so much everyone!


  1. I'd love to guest post for you! just let me know the topic :) USually when I've done it (which was once, haha), I just sent her the text and my pictures and then we both copied and pasted them into a new blog post.

  2. I would also love to guest post :) I usually just comment on their blog and ask them, but I have seen people ask this way. Some people like to give a prompt or a question or have the guest blogger do something specific.


  3. I LOVED the part where you said you weren't stressed about anything once you saw perfect.

    p.s. I would also love to post :) And you can leave it open or give a topic, but having them send you the post in HTML form is SO much easier!

  4. Love this post! How romantic...except the bug part.

  5. i love weddings. i love hearing about them. i love love. except, i usually say how against marriage i am but, hearing things like these make me super duper excited about the whole event.

  6. you can totally ask me any time! :) You're so sweet! I love how you loved all the important things on your wedding day! Being married is so great! I wish i could live our wedding day like once a year. SO AWESOME!!

  7. I love this post. All six things you listed as your good things, I absolutely and 100% relate to. Those were my favorite things about my wedding day too. Entering the sealing room and being so giddy with love and excitement, and literally being surrounded by everyone you hold dear...sigh. One of the most beautiful, amazing memories of my life! Good call on not having your reception the same day...wish I'd thought of that.

    as far as guest posting, it looks like you have a lot of volunteers! However i feel so connected with your blog since we're in such similar places in our lives, I thought I'd volunteer as well. I'd also love to talk about having you guest post on MY blog! Email me at if you are interested in either of those two things!

    <3 Daryl