Monday, August 15, 2011

Something I Love {Fourth Installment}

I absolutely love school supplies.
Notebooks, binders, agendas, folders, pens, pencils, ALL of it.
Going out and buying new school supplies each year helps me to get excited and ready for the new year.
This is my last year of college and I am honestly going to miss buying new, cute stuff each year.
I guess I'll just have to have some little chillens so that I can start buying them cute supplies in just a few years. :]

 Well, here are my supplies that I got this year:

Binder {on sale at Target}

Folders {Target}

Agenda {Target}

Aren't they cute?
I am so grateful for my education.
And so grateful that I am almost done!!


  1. SO cute! I love that first folder!!

  2. Aw... you make me feel suuper lame for going for the cheapest stuff I can find. Notebooks still make me happy when they're plain though, something about them:)

  3. Haha. Don't feel lame! I'm just picky about stuff. But the folders and the binder were all cheap probably $2.50 total. Just the agenda was more expensive but I have to have a cute agenda otherwise I won't use it. :)

    And thanks Gentri! I love my folders!

  4. What's your major?

    I love school shopping too :)

  5. It's Psychology. It was originally Elementary and Special Education but I changed it halfway through my sophomore year.