Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Me & My Husband {Fourth Edition}

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Question 4: The ring--Tell us about it! Did you pick it out? Did he? Pictures! Tell us about his ring too!

Race and I went ring shopping pretty early on in our relationship. {Someone saw us ring shopping and spread the word around the institute--that was a fun one to try and explain away. Haha.} I knew pretty much what style I wanted and we found it right away. It just happened to be on sale! The ring and the band were on sale for the price of just the ring. The sale ended before we were planning on getting engaged so I told Race that I was totally fine with just the ring. I had never really thought about getting a band and didn't care either way. I came to find out later that Race bought the ring and band while they were on sale and had been showing them off to his family for a while before he actually proposed to me! {Sidenote: We just recently got the my rings soldered together and I LOVE having my wedding band as well as my pretty engagement ring}

Here are some pictures of my gorgeous ring: 

 This is from the first day I ever wore the gorgeous ring! I was in awe and I still can't stop staring at it.
We found Race's ring online for a really good deal. Race loved the simple, sleek look of this ring and we both loved the color. I was so glad that Race loved the smooth look rather than the new, edgy looks of men's wedding bands. He loves his ring to this day but his fingers have been losing some weight so we'll be buying him a smaller ring pretty soon.

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