Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Me & My Husband {Eighth Edition}

Filling out the fun questionnaire from this post.

Question 8: The little accessories: You know, veil? Shoes? Jewelry? What did your bridesmaids wear? 

I loved all of the little accessories at my wedding. I did not have a veil but I did have the most gorgeous jewelry ever! It was made by Coreen Hennig, a lady and good friend from my home ward. I had not even thought about what jewelry to wear and she offered to make some for me. I came to her house two days before my wedding and she had made the most GORGEOUS pearl necklace and earrings. They honestly made me feel like such a princess. Whenever I wear them now they remind me of my wedding day and how special I felt. I am so grateful for Coreen and her sweet gift to me. 

The Gorgeous Necklace:


The gorgeous earrings:

I knew that I wanted red shoes for my wedding {red is my favorite color} but I could not decide between heels and flats. I found a pair of red flats at Charlotte Russe that I liked but wasn't sure if they were fancy enough for a wedding. They were $8 though so I knew that I couldn't pass them up. I headed down to the valley to go shoe shopping at the mall and I looked for hours for some cute red heels. I didn't find anything that I liked {My little sister Gelsey came shopping with me and she couldn't believe how picky I was being}. I finally gave up and "settled" for my cute $8 red shoes. I am so grateful that I did though because they were so comfortable, I wear them lots now, and they photographed BEAUTIFULLY! And I like bragging that I got my wedding shoes for such a good deal. :] I got so many compliments on my cute red shoes and I love them so much!


I already talked about what my bridesmaids wore so I won't really do that again in this post. I'll just put another picture up and say that I have the cutest, most stylish sisters/sister-in-laws ever!

Finally, I wanted to talk about my hair. I had it done by Alisha Jacobson De Kruyf. We grew up in the same ward and she was willing to get up ridiculously early in the morning to do my hair before I headed over to the temple for pictures. She was so sweet and I loved how my hair turned out! I'm pretty sure the only direction I gave her was that I wanted it to the side and curly. She made it look so good and I love it in every single picture! It makes me want to learn how to do hair so that I can do people's hair for their weddings. {I actually did do my sister-in-law/best friend Jasmine's hair for her wedding day. I liked it--but I am not a professional and just got lucky! :]}


 {Yeah, I made cool faces on my wedding day :]}

{Photos by Jessica Downey of Sierra Studios Photography


  1. Your dress was beautiful! Very Classy!

  2. I like hearing the stories behind all the little details--I didn't know your gorgeous wedding dress was from your mom's, that's so cool! We bought the dress and the jewelry (which was from Claires) and my mom made the veil, and my sister did my hair.

  3. Thank you ladies!

    And Carissa, I was just at Claire's today and they seriously have so much cute stuff! Also, you should blog more about your wedding...I would LOVE to hear more about it!