Monday, August 22, 2011

{Update #1 on the} 30 Day Fun Challenge

  1. Make a cute hair accessory for myself.
  2. Read a book outside.
  3. Take a nap.
  4. Read a book while taking a bubble bath.
  5. Paint my nails/toenails.
  6. Go on a walk around downtown Flagstaff.
  7. Write Race a love note {make it cute}
  8. Wear an outfit I feel SEXY in!
  9. Stay up late to read in bed with Race.
  10. Make and eat a delicious dessert.
  11. Go see a romantic comedy in theaters.
  12. Go to Zumba at the new Rec Center with a friend.
  13. Finally use the wax lips Race and I bought on a date FOREVER ago.
  14. Take pictures of everything I do in a day .
  15. Do my hair super cute {curled, fancy up-do, just anything other than my typical high ponytail/bun}
  16. Plan a "fancy date" with my husband.
  17. Go star gazing.
  18. Take "First Day of School" pictures with Race.
  19. Stare at my gorgeous wedding ring and list {in my head or on paper} all the reasons I love Race.
  20. Make a skirt.
  21. Wear the skirt I made.
  22. Plan and/or go on a group date with friends.
  23. Play tennis/racquetball with Race.
  24. Wear my new swimsuit {$6 at Old Navy!}
  25. Go on a bike ride.
  26. Get my hair trimmed or cut.
  27. Have my sister-in-law/best friend pluck and shape my eyebrows.
  28. Buy a new color of nailpolish.
  29. Play Michael Jackson: The Experience with Race.
  30. Make a smoothie.
Here are pictures of some of these activities:

1. Make a cute hair accessory for myself

I made this headband last week and I have worn it at some point every day since I made it. It's super cute and comfy and soon I'm going to make a skirt out of the same fabric! Cute, eh? Oh, and making a skirt will fulfill another one of my Fun Challenges!

5. Paint my toenails/fingernails

I painted my toenails and fingernails tonight and it was fun until I was heading to find my nail polish and stubbed three of my toes. :[ And then I messed up my fingernail polish by setting up Scrabble. {It was worth it though--I totally won!}

20./21. Make a skirt and then Wear the skirt I make. Check the skirt out in this post. Yeah, I totally made that and then I wore it. And it's so comfy that I might just end up wearing it every day. Or making five more like it in all different fabrics. We'll see. A knit one would be comfy...

22. Plan and/or go on a group date with friends

{I don't have pictures of the date but these are pictures of the gorgeous sunset on the way to the bonfire.}

We went on a group date with Kylie {who is also taking this challenge, with her own personal spin on it} and her husband TJ {I think they were the planners of the date--they are the ones who so kindly invited us :]}, and some other friends {Randon and Jerah, Aubree and Aaron, and Rachel}. Three of these girls were my roommates last year and it was a ton of fun to catch up and to get to know everyone even more. It's fun having other married couples to hang out with. On the group date we went to a bonfire out in the woods and made s'mores and enjoyed the wonderful weather and conversation. 

{The 30 Day Fun Challenge was inspired by Alexis of Check her out!}


  1. Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti

  2. oh wow. these are great goals, and I absolutely love your nail polishes. Mint green is my obsession!

    Looks like to cross off a couple more, you'll be doing a lot of reading! How fun!

  3. I looove mint green too! But I need to get it in a good brand because mine always turns out lumpy and bubbly. :( And I will be doing lots of reading--I just need to get that book you recommended!

  4. i LOVE your nail polish!
    sooo cute.


  5. um...I'LL go to zumba with you! :)

  6. Katie! I can't wait for Zumba nights! We should definitely go lots!

  7. Oh man, I don't even own nail polish. But your pics make we want to go buy some. Love the colors you picked.

  8. I absolutely love this idea!! I"m trying (or just wanting right now) to be more productive and making a list for yourself is such a great idea. those sunset pictures are so completely stunning. and YES I totally recognize your pictures from Jessica's blog! yours were some of the first ones I saw. love her photography so much! how great that we found each other now :)

  9. I make lots of lists and I still don't get stuff done. I hope it works out for you! I want to see a pic of the skirt.

  10. I always write lists too and never finish them but hopefully I'm motivated enough to finish this ones because things on it are actually enjoyable! :] We'll see...