Thursday, August 25, 2011

Me & My Husband {Eleventh Edition}

Continuing from this post.

Question 11: Your song and/or the first song you danced to at your wedding: share a music video or lyrics if you can!

Race is super into music and had quite a few songs that reminded him of me. We chose one of those songs for our dance but honestly we didn't even end up having our "first dance" until our reception after all of the guests were gone. I think our true first dance was in our itty bitty first kitchen {it was really a hallway with a tiny sink and stove} while I was trying to cook Race dinner and getting frustrated. He pulled me away from everything and danced with me to no music. It was romantic and one of my favorite memories of being married. Mmm I love that boy! Anyway, the song we chose to dance to at our wedding was "If My Heart Was a House" by Owl City. 

Other songs we considered {some jokingly, most seriously} were: 

"Smother Me" by The Used

"Heaven Can Wait" {acoustic version} by We The Kings

"You Shine" by The Morning Of

"Te Quiero" by Belinda y Otros

I am sure that there were others that I just can't think of anymore. I love dancing with my husband though. And I love when he sings cute songs to me. :] Random side note: At Race's family reunions every year they have an awesome dance with square dancing and the two step and other cool dances like that. Last year while we were engaged we went to this and it was our first dance together and apparently someone asked Race's mom where we learned to dance. I guess they were impressed with our skills that I didn't even know we had. Well, more that Race has. Anyway, I felt really cool after that. And now I want Race to take dance classes with me somewhere. It'd be lots of fun! 

Now I'm listening to our wedding reception playlist. Good stuff. :]


  1. I love these music choices! Heaven can wait is one of my fave songs! And oh my gosh, they have an acoustic version?! LOOOOVE. haha thanks for sharing :)

  2. We used "smother me" on our wedding video, my husband loves The Used. I am totally going to download the Owl City song you shared--- I LOVE it!

    I wish that I could've use Christina Perri's "Arms" song for our wedding, it's gorgeous!

    & no I don't style the people I shoot-- I usually will kind of help them decide on a color scheme if they ask, but other than that I leave it up to them!

  3. Awww that kitchen story made me tear up a bit! Neither Aaron nor I are big fans of dancing, but the way you described it seemed so romantic anyway :)

  4. That is really sweet about your real first dance, and I like the song you chose:)

  5. Thanks everyone! And our real first dance was honestly better than any wedding reception dance that I could have imagined. :)

  6. My husband didn't grow up eating organic...his Dad just cooked whatever a single dad had time to prepare. His step-mom, however, is a yogi/herbalist/homeopathic medicine business owner/health educator. I bet you can see where it went from there ;) I asked her to write a post about it and I think it is in the works right now.

    That's a sweet story, I love when Devin does stuff like that, but I can never keep a serious face because we have no coordination or rhythm.

  7. Hey! Just found your blog through a comment on JenniAustriaGermany. So excited to find another young, married, LDS blogger out there. I just entered the blogosphere last week and I'm having such fun learning about blogging and connecting with all these new people! Awesome music, by the way.

    Look forward to following you more in the future and reading about your life. Check out my new blog if you have a moment.