Saturday, August 13, 2011

Book Date

Race and I went on a book date before we were married that I meant to post all about but never did. Race and I both love to read and love spending time in any bookstore so this was a really fun date for us. We got the idea from Love Actually. We went to Barnes & Noble and found books about places we wanted to travel, our favorite books from when we were kids, a cookbook we wanted to try recipes from, a book with a new date idea, and finally we each looked for a book to buy the other {with a small budget of course}. It was a super fun date and I would love to do it again sometime soon. There are so many books to find there is no way you will pick out the same ones. Also, Race and didn't end up finding books from all of the categories--and we could make up our own categories! Well, now to the pictures from our fun date! {Don't mind that I'm not looking at the camera in almost ANY of these pictures}

Race wants to visit the Caribbean

I want to visit Spain.

Race's favorite book as a child was "Where the Sidewalk Ends"
{He memorized the poem about homework but also thought the nose picking one was really funny}

My favorite books were the "Bread and Jam for Frances" series. I loved them because my middle name is Frances. :]

Race wants to Think and Grow Rich apparently.

And I want Five Good Minutes to start off every day!

Race thought he'd actually be able to make some of the recipes from this MANLY recipe book.

I thought this Newlywed cookbook would be fun. Mostly I don't follow recipes though. They have way too many weird ingredients that I never have on hand. Does anyone else feel like that? Or does anyone else have an awesome cookbook that doesn't have lots of weird ingredients?

Race wanted to do this for a date--after we got married of course. I am not sure what the face is all about...?

I thought these books would make a fun date. Turns out Race already owned a book like this {and we did use it for dates}.

I got Race a book with tons of interesting facts--the kind of book he can read bits and pieces from while he's going to the bathroom {hopefully that wasn't too super awkward}. And I got him a book on how to change up your cookies. Race is the most pro cookie maker ever!

Race got me a Jodi Picoult novel because he knows that I love most of her controversial novels. The one pictured below might be my all time favorite of her books...I'm not sure.

Well, that was our awesome date. As you could see in some of those last pictures we sat in the cafe and enjoyed some yummy cake and a delicious strawberries and creme frapuccino. It was awesome and the perfect end to our date. 

{Race and I also enjoy reading dates in our hammock out by Lake Mary. I am so glad I married a reader!}

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  1. Oh how fun! I love books! And that is funny about cook books, I feel the same way! That is why I hardly use them...I have maybe made like 1-2 things out of all the cookbooks I have haha. I need easy recipes with food we have at home!

    Ashley Sloan