Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Second Outfit Post {Amazingly}

It seems like lots of style bloggers wear cute dresses and skirts and heels every day of the week. I would love to do that but since most of my jobs end up being with kids and I spend the majority of my time on my hands and knees playing the Tickle Monster or some other silly game dresses and skirts and cute clothes in general don't often make it into my everyday wardrobe. So, Sunday is my one day to dress cute--and dress cute I do! Here are some pictures from this last Sunday:

Race and I. Race has the coolest tie. It's the perfect shade of green, it's super old, and you can do basically anything you want to it and it won't get ruined. It's essentially indestructible and it says so on the tag. Anyway, I love it. :) {Edit: I just found the tie and the quote on the back is, "Crush it...Knot it....even Wash it." The tie was found wadded up into a ball in the bookcase in our living room.}

This is the top third of my outfit {I obviously don't know what to do with my face}.

This is the middle of my outfit.

And this is the bottom third of my outfit including my shoes and matching purse and of course an itty bitty corner of the church's floral couches.

Finally, here is the breakdown of my outfit:
Shirt & Undershirts-Charlotte Russe {I believe}
Cardigan & Skirt- Old Navy Shoes- Target
Slip- Made by my Mother
Purse- From my sister who got it from Kohl's {I believe}

What do you all think?

Well, hopefully I will continue to dress cute on Sundays {at least} and if I can manage that then you all might see a few more outfit posts!


  1. I haven't seen a lot of these oh-so-stylish bloggers you mention, but I figure they do dress down once in a while, they just don't post pics of it;) I know though, it feels like I've been in the same outfit every day for weeks now cuz of my job, so Sundays I go all out

  2. So cute Emma! I want one of those slips. Your mom should start an Etsy!

  3. She should start and etsy shop but I doubt she will. Haha. They seem pretty easy to make though so maybe I'll learn and start and etsy shop...or add them to yours? Haha. I want to make one out of the leftover lace from my wedding dress. They are super nice to have though. I have a black one too and I wear one of them almost every Sunday! :)

  4. Carissa: I follow lots of style blogs and see lots of cute outfits all the time but I am sure that they all have dress down days too. :) I love having Sundays to go all out though!