Sunday, August 7, 2011

{Sunday} Outfit Post #2

Cute Sunday outfit again! Plus, I made the cute little lace slip that I am wearing under my skirt! I made one with black lace as well. :] I am going to do a {Kinda Crafty} post on them soon! Not that they are that cute to look at since they are to wear UNDER skirts. Also, I came up with a few things I want to change next time I make them for myself. I still have quite a bit more fabric so I plan on making a couple more with different colors of lace or tulle or something else cute on the bottom. Anyway, here's my cute outfit:

This is my hair/face. {Also, I've been noticing that I have a crooked smile--I get it from my dad}

Here's my shirt, cute belt and skirt.

Finally, here's my cute skirt with slip combo.

Here's the breakdown:
  • Shirt & Earrings & Belt: Charlotte Russe
  • Skirt: Old Navy
  • Slip: Made by me for less than $4
  • Shoes: Target 
And yes, I am posing on our bed--it was the only white wall available in our house. Also, would somebody please give me posing tips? I don't know how to pose at all! Also, I am still working on convincing Race that he wants to take pictures of my outfits all the time. Hopefully eventually I can get him to branch out of our house for pictures. We'll see... :] 

Other highlights of our Sunday:
  • I made meatloaf for the first time {Race's favorite meal} and it turned out great! I am not a big fan of meatloaf but Race and our cousin-in-law Nick who we had over dinner said it was indeed good. 
  • Church was great. I love Sundays. I love being able to look forward to a new week and being able to set new goals. I always feel so refreshed after church on Sunday. 
  • Race and I went on a short walk around campus and the weather was perfect. I love Flagstaff. 
  • We watched The Cosby Show--Race wants to be just like Dr. Huxtable when he's a father and I can't wait! 
  • We had Rice Krispie treats and No-Bake Cookies for dessert.  {Sidenote: My family has called No-Bake Cookies Gorilla Poops for as long as I can remember--who names a delicious food something so nasty? I'm guessing my brothers.}
  • Race, Nick and I had some really fun conversations about the future, technology, and other fun stuff. 
  • And finally, I took an amazing nap. Sundays are beautiful. :]


  1. Sundays are indeed lovely. Good luck getting the hubby to take pics of your outfits--I know if I wanted to do that I'd be on my own for taking pics, haha.

  2. Haha. Well, maybe if you ever want to take pictures then we will have to take each others' pictures! :] Race did say that he suppports me 100% so MAYBE that means I'll get him to take pictures of me...we'll see!

  3. We missed you guys at Ella's baby blessing.

  4. We were sad to not make it but Race was sick and I'd been getting sick. We didn't want to get all the cute babies sick.