Thursday, August 11, 2011

Warning: Cheesy Post Ahead!

Race and I were talking today and we realized that we are probably the cheesiest people we have ever met. Recently our cheesiness comes in the form of saying "I support you 100%!" hundreds of times throughout the day. This phrase originally came from a disagreement we were having when Race was trying to make me feel guilty for not supporting him in everything that he does. {I'm pretty sure I didn't want to support him in playing video games or something} Now we say it mostly as a joke but it has been a good reminder for me that we do need to support each other in all that we do and be there for each other. I think it has really helped me realize that as much as I don't like some of the things Race does {video games in particular} they are things that help him to relax and "destress" so I should support him and let him have that time. I do support my husband 100% in all that he does. In return, he supports me and he lets me know it every day. :] I love being married and figuring out what silly things bring us closer together and make life more enjoyable. "I support you 100%!" is most definitely one of those things. :]


  1. Aw! That's sweet and funny. haha! Maybe you can have your blog time while he has his game time?? idea? :)

  2. it's not cheesy, it's cute :)
    My hubs plays video games while I blog and photoshop. we're in the same room, so it's a good trade off :)

  3. This post reminds me of something we learned at a marriage & family class at church! Marriage is like a car, if you keep the tank full of love at all times, you won't run out of gas if you hit a rough patch.

    P.S. your story did make me smile ;)

  4. Let's be honest...part of the reason I've been getting into blogging more is so that I don't go crazy while he plays video games. Haha. And I am falling more in love with blogging so eventually he'll probably be the one trying to get me off of the computer. Haha.

    I love the marriage car analogy! It's perfect! Now I just need to apply the keeping the tank full at all times to my real car!