Monday, August 8, 2011

Me & My Husband {Sixth Edition}

Continuing from this post.

Question 6: The colors: Show some of the flower and colors you used.

The inspiration for my colors came from some shoes I saw at Target. Also, red has been my favorite color for years and before it was red it was yellow. So that worked out well. Here are the shoes:

And here are some pictures of my flowers, Race's boutonniere and some of the cute reception decorations that my mom made. Also, I had my bridesmaids pick out their own outfits in the colors I chose and they did an awesome job and all looked so dang good so I'll put up pictures of them too! {My mom found paint swatches* that were the same as the shoes and gave those out to people trying to dress in our color scheme. The paint swatches were nice because they showed colors that were not exactly the colors we were going for but they were colors that looked good with our main colors.}

In this picture you can see Race's boutonniere:
The next few are pictures of my gorgeous bouquet made by Shelley Winters in my home ward. She made the bouquets at my reception as well.
Below are my gorgeous $8 red wedding shoes. {Charlotte Russe}
This is a flower outside the temple that matched our colors perfectly. :]
The following pictures are of my bridesmaids and their super cute outfits/shoes. {My mom made my youngest sister's cute dress}

The rest of the pictures are from my wedding reception. My mom and aunts made all of the decorations and it looked AMAZING! I was not a big part of my wedding decorations at all because I wanted it super laid back {we had it in my front yard}. My mom went above and beyond with everything and I was so impressed! I am so grateful for all the hard work that she did and I am still trying to find a way to repay her for it!
Amy Gregson made the gorgeous HUGE cupcake for Race and I and all of the cute little cupcakes for our guests. They were DELICIOUS!
More table decorations and gorgeous flowers by Shelley Winters.

Mmm...look at those cupcakes!

{Photos by Jessica Downey of Sierra Studios Photography}

*These are what I meant by paint swatches--I'm still not sure if that's the right word--my mom just went to Home Depot and grabbed a few of these to hand out. I highly suggest doing this if you have people trying to find your wedding colors to dress up in.


  1. Your wedding was beautiful! I wish I would've thought of the paint chip's a good one.

  2. Aww thanks Kylie! And my mom is super creative that way. She is really good at thinking of super practical uses for random items. :]

  3. So... I apologize in advance if this is weird!

    I somehow found your blog by clicking through friends' blogs they follow and so on...

    BUT I just wanted to say that your pictures and posts are super cute!

  4. You're so sweet! Thank you! And it's not weird at all--that's how I find all my favorite blogs!!

  5. Your wedding photos are so good. My husband is color blind and I was having a hard time picking colors that all wouldn't look brown to him so I let him pick them. We ended up with a dark blue.

    That dress is perfect for you- you look so cute and petite!

  6. Thank you! I would have LOVED to have dark blue in the mix--up until the moment I found those cute shoes. :] That's crazy that dark blue is one of the colors that your husband can actually distinguish more. Color blindness is so interesting because it seems like it is so different for everyone that has it.

    And I LOVED my dress. It was actually my mom's wedding dress. My next post is all about it! :]